@tagURIT: Thanks for the heads up. That's why I'm drawing this, so I can practice everything involved in making manga

@Fen: Hmmmm... I think I didn't make the transition within page 10 clear enough =/. Let me make sure you know what happened so you can help me with what's wrong: Claus runs off to get some seaweed he'd caught the day before for Tyra (by mistake while attempting to catch fish), but he runs into Todd (he'll be further introduced later) who gives him a scary look. Anyways, he gets the seaweed and begins to run back to Tyra. While he's gone, Derel (a new character) shows up and delivers some dry seaweed from Tom (a character that we haven't met yet.) Thanks!

@Ramiel: I've heard that rule before but does it work for children too? Like pre-teen? O and I made the guy with his chin up looking down to give him more of an arrogant demeanor... but I really like the idea of turning his back. Thanks =)