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Thread: A Little Something About Me ^-^

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    Wink A Little Something About Me ^-^

    Don't read if you're gonna troll ;P

    I am a 13 year old beginner manga/anime drawer.

    && Like many youngsters, I tend to spend so much time on the internet. So I thought, 'Hey, why don't I make my time useful?' And this what I want to achieve, to help others, specifically beginners like myself.

    I have a youtube channel where I post quick and easy tutorials & speed drawings. I let my viewers get invoved in my videos by letting them suggest music, speed drawings and tutorials! & If I use their suggestion they always get mentioned in the video!
    Hopefully I will be posting videos for a long time so you can watch me personally grow and develop into an anime/manga artist.

    The URL to my channel is here:

    Sorry for "spamming" but I really want to get myself out there and noticed >_<
    Have a nice day,
    Helena x

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    hi welcome to MT

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    Great White North
    Welcome. Does this mean you intend to stick around MT or...?

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    >-> you would hope so, but It doesn't really sound that way....
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    Eh, I'd give her a benefit of a doubt. If she doesn't post again in one month, I'll take off the link to her Youtube cuz frankly, posting and leaving is spammy behavior. Anywhooo - if you are legitimately here to stay - welcome to MT!

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