Okay I'm looking for fantasy stuff to read. Here are my things though.

I really don't like magic unless its handled incredibly well. What I mean is magic needs to factor into politics and government for me to take it seriously. If wizards are all powerful but don't control the world for some reason, I just want to know why.

I'm inclined towards more realistic stuff. Like if warhammers are a common weapon but full iron plate hasn't been invented yet, that sort of thing bothers me. Or if dudes are constantly getting hit by arrows that don't hurt them (though I'm more lenient about super human stuff since I love romance of the three kingdoms).

It also helps if the writing is good. I love the lore of lord of the rings but I could barely stomach the books.

Also this should go without saying, but this is not a list thread. I know it's asking for a lot but try to sell me on the books you recommend. And no need to recommend the song of ice and fire books since I'm going to get those eventually.