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Thread: Favourite Genre(s)

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    lol I Am A Hero psychological? what?

    You obviously didn't finished the first volume.

    I have to agree that its not perfect, especially the jump between psychological to horror, but its has a solid start (at the first chapters you already know who is the main character, his goals, his past, and his problems), and the slow evolution of the character its good (even so most of the time you want to beat him because he is extremely slow to take actions).

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    No, I didn't finish the first volume. My Internet turned off on me when I was in the middle of chapter 2. I'll keep reading it. No, it isn't psychological if psychological elements are present in the beginning, but are solved a few chapters later. I was just posting my impressions of the beginning.

    I actually feel sort of betrayed. Up to where I am, I was sure it was gonna get me to think, but if there's a shift . . .? I gotta read it. This just doesn't make sense.

    (I wonder how much it costs to run a fiber-optic cable out here.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt
    More on topic: Anyone know of any good steampunk manga? If I wanna write the genre, it'd help to have some graphic novel reference.
    Steam-punk is more of a story element rather than a genre so it can include a lot of things, fom Last Exile and Steam Boy to Fullmetal Alchemist, D.Grayman and even One Piece!!!!
    so it's probably better if you have a more definite visual idea of what you want to draw or write... for example: is it fantasy and magical, or realistic and scientific..

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    I'm sorry I asked.

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    @Ramiel - I haven't seen School Days (plan on watching it soon), but I heard the ending was actually one heck of a disturbing one.[/QUOTE]

    heck yeeess!!
    i don't want to be a spoiler so i guess it's just up to you to decide when you watch it xD

    anyway if you want a horror without blood and gore i think the best would be gakkou no kaidan

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    HMMMM i'd say romance .... but ill hate it on occocians since its a drag

    BUT i hate harems.... im a shoujo person...BUT i like smut and echhiness from time to time, i even have read mature mangas :l....also i love fighting things i like shounens as well.... OH COMEDY but i also love Psychology...

    Hmmmm i dont have any favourite genre...

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    Anything with a compelling story. Not anything too repetitive.
    Comedy and Romance are what tend to interest me usually, but both things can be bit lame story-wise.

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    I tend to gravitate towards anything that's a) funny b) has a lot of fighting or competition and/or c) has an interesting story. In other words, I read pretty much any genre just as long as they have one or more of the above. C:

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    I have two favourites.

    1 - Romantic comedies. I can't stop watching them

    2 - Thriller/Action. Anything with twists and mind games. Something like Code Geass and Death Note.


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