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Thread: comment on body proportions

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    Thanks for the info so far.

    But Im talking about 'relative' values:

    think of it as the aspect ratio of an image. It is 4x3, but it can be 320x240 size in pixels, or 800x600 or 1024x768. I want to know if the 'aspect' ratio of human body changes from this age onward (except the head size).
    Some of images I compared to show that it doesnt, some do.

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    Sorry for confusing you before, but now I see what you are trying to get at. I have never seen these values before. What units are they? I don't know proportions in terms of technical units like feet or inches, only in comparison to other body parts. The 'aspect ratio' of a body stays consistent after the age of 17 and older. Those are the ages the body stops maturing so it maintain a certain ratio. Young children, especially at the age of 10, ratio changes in adulthood because they are beginning to mature. So the "aspect ratio" of a child will not be like that of an adult. To answer that question, the aspect ration DOES changes from this age onward. :( I'm sorry I could not be of more help. OH! And I am sorry for confusing you before.

    I think it would be best if you searched for a photograph online for people of different ages and measure the length of each body part and such. You can use the values you get as relative values of a person at that age. This is what I used to do. I can tell you this, the aspect/relative ratio lengths of the human body DO NOT CHANGE in an age group. All adult males/females will have the same ratio. All child boys/girls will have the same ratio. Maybe with some slight differences for each as everyone is slightly different in their body type.

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    The units aren't important, which makes me guess you didn't understand it completely.
    When we say the aspect ratio of an image is 4x3, those numbers aren't in any units, they are just relative values.
    The height of the person on that image is 1 (1.000) "unit". The other lenghts are based on that. If your person is 1.8 meters tall, you could just multiply it with the rest of the lenghts to get them in meters.

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    Yeah. The Head proportion thing is based on that. The head is the unit used to determine other lengths. Like the ideal adult is about 7.5-8 heads tall. The average length of a male head is 9 inches and the average length of a woman head is 8 inches. That means the average height of a male and female is 6 feet and 5.5 feet respectively, which is approximate. The reason I brought up units like inches and feet was because one unit does not mean anything really when it isnt given purpose.

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    Well generally, everything gets thinner compared to it's length.
    So, arms would grow longer but wouldn't get much wider, same with legs and torso. The neck, at least in manga, is accentuated moreso as the characters age.

    And, of course, there're the things that change as you hit puberty. Wider shoulders compared to hips for men, hips grow as wide as/wider than the shoulders for women, along with growing boobs.

    And, at least in manga, younger people tend to be chubbier, with more rounded lines, while adults are much more angular.

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    Well generally, everything gets thinner compared to it's length.

    Do the values on the image I posted above change?
    I know about the shoulders and breasts, im asking about the relative values of the arm+hand and legs

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    Well, I just mean that, say you have a kids arm that's Xcm long, and Ycm thick. If the arm grows 10cm longer, it won't grow 10cm wider. If that makes sense.
    So everything sort of stretches, I guess.

    I don't know the actual values, I'm just speaking on relative terms.

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    forget the wideness, im asking about the (relative) lenght


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