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Once you understand about drawing complex backgrounds, cities, buildings, satallites and some sofas for your character to sit on, you'll understand that humans are just objects.. you can waste all your time with all these things once you atleast get better on drawing those water waves and shadow of clouds.
Except learning complex backgrounds has NOTHING to do with understanding the human body. We are not simple. Our proportions are not something you can learn from looking at various uguuuuu anime styled drawings with extremely simple poses. Look at this:

Do you really think that humans are simple objects, and you don't have to learn how to draw them properly? Do you really think you can get away with correct, interesting poses without understanding the human body realistically? Why do you think he should limit himself when it comes to anatomy? Do you want him to continue on with an art style that has been overdone millions of times? I don't think you understand art and being an artist, plz try again. Sofa and building drawing skills means nothing when your character is boring, uninteresting, and does the same pose everytime.

you want this stupid cat to keep improving on human anatomy and do this and that which I know he/she(I still don't know your gender baka neko) would study years and years doing only that, but there's a bigger world out there than just human body.
What are you talking about? Sure, he can draw landscapes and city scenes and what have you, but when his main subject is a human, why should he neglect understanding human anatomy?

We manipulate where we want to the light to go in 3d softwares, no matter what it is... ambient or parallel or spot, it's not just basic lights
once you see how light and things move, and you'll understand more about it, if your the one who's really the one manipulating the light..

when you want some guy to just go and copy photo reference, what does he get at the end of the day? a finished copy of some photo,
and nothing else and maybe he would think he's improving but really he's not, he might stick to copying photo reference for the rest of his life.
except he is, because now he understands how light hits that object. If this guy isn't retarded, he can imagine this object in a different angle, and now he will understand. You can't learn shit with 3d software when it comes to something like this:


Unless you want to spend hours trying to sculpt the human body, with all of those details. But then it's not just the way the light hits. Look at the colors, look at the tones. If you seriously think this doesn't help people improve, you may need to get your head checked

again there's a far bigger world out there, now you might say, he can study backgrounds and while studying anatomy, you can but it's not good to focus on just humans and explore too many things that you don't know if it's even worth something
I don't even understand what you just said dude

atleast how many of us here on mt can draw this?

forgive me for spamming my art.
Congratulations, you can draw boring buildings. You don't know anything about complicated architecture, you just know how to draw typical buildings in perspective. You can do what a high school student in Art 1 can do by the end of the class year. Until you can draw this:

I will not be impressed. Your art style and coloring style is still extremely typical and overdone (just take a look at every single anime drawing done, ever), your poses are all simple (the only poses you draw in your manga are standing up and sitting down, without an interesting perspective) and when you try to do a somewhat complex pose, you mess up on proportions. You cannot do male anatomy well either (The legs are too thin, the leg is longer than the other, the feet do not make sense. Even the girl's legs are too long. The guys shoulder/neck area is too weird looking)

Basically, what I'm saying is that you are not in the position to be telling someone to ignore understanding the human body, when you don't understand it yourself. That is what people call ignorance.