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Thread: What is Marcomedia?

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    What is Marcomedia?

    Is Marcomedia a flash player? What does it do? I'm asking because I'm trying practice some animation.

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    Macromedia Flash is used to play flash videos in browsers I thinkl.

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    Macromedia is the name of the company that originally created and developed Flash alongside other Web Development software (Dreamweaver being the only one i remember). A few years ago they were purchased by Adobe who now control all of there products.

    long story short Macromedia was the flashplayer but now Adobe runs all that, meaning you would need to be looking for Adobe Flash/Flashplayer.

    Of course Flash (the creation software at least, the player is free) is professional software meaning it has a price-point that reinforces that idea, hence unless you have lots of money lying around or know and have no qualms with the criminal side of the internet i would suggest finding other, cheaper, choices for practicing animation. Plastic animation Paper and Pivot Stick Figure animator are both free to the best of my knowledge
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    Marcomedia is any movie, music, or other media related to or about Marco Polo.

    Macromedia is what Bardic-Dragon said.

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    Hey, you're right ^_^ I didn't notice he wrote Marcomedia instead of Macromedia until you point it out

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    lol It'd be funny if that was a typo. I mean, he was talking about animation. xD


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