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    Secant : Page 2 arrives

    Im new to this writing stuff so excuse me if its pretty bad.. Just looking for opinions as I might do a short comic project over summer.

    Looks like another. That makes three today, should be the lot. As he falls out of the chamber to the floor onto his pale face I wander what his trait is. Excuse me, how rude. I jump right in narrating without any explanation. If I may then.

    This is the continent of Fiotallice. Money, electronics, slavery ; the works. Its not slavery in the eyes of a human reaping the benefits of the hard work we mutants are forced to put in. More on that later but in order to continue the telling of events you need to know about the Secant. Secant is one of a number of machines which 'manufacture' mutants without any input what so ever. These things really do make something out of nothing and the Secant is high tech with a difference. Secant is renowned for producing useless mutants.

    Judging from the one I see before me this seems meerly to be myth because it has already learnt to stand and is skipping around the Secant like an elf at santa's workshop. I continue to ponder its special trait. Is it incredibly fast ? Would explain the running doesn't look that fast right now. Is it strong? Again would make sense because he is far bulkier than the usual anorexic skeleton that falls out of the Secant. Still its not overly large and so I rule this possibility out. Perhaps I am wrong. It could have nothing going for it. I mean after all it is a Secant mutant. It hasn't produced anything decent for years now.

    Before I came to exist the Secant machine did and the researchers that created it were amazingly proud. It was capable of producing human clones which were ideal for the jobs no one else wanted to do. The research team grew greedy however and began to experiment creating new machines generating different kinds of mutant. They had a machine for every purpose, the Cosine which created mutants with additional 'parts' for efficiency, the Cosecant specialized in the creation of combat mutants ; you know the super fast, super strong and super awesome types. And lastly the Tangent made a habit of producing mutants like myself, with psychic power. Each individual mutant regardless of machine tends to come with its own unique trait, like me for example possessing the power to talk into peoples minds much like I do to you right now. It was the perfect slave factory in essence, but eventually the researchers began to alter the Secant machine to see if it could produce such usefull mutants. The problem was what they had done caused the creation of ' super mutants ' whom could possess more then one super trait. These would have been great if not for the uncontrollable genocide they were responsible for. Eventually though they grew tired and left, according to legend they began their own society..but I doubt it and im psychic remember.

    Anyway after they left the researcher team began to undo their handywork but came across one problem, it seems before leaving the super mutants installed a forcefield on their parent machine to prevent just this kind of thing. Realising they could not destroy the monstrous contraption they attempted to shut it off using magnetic fields. Altering the magnetic field in the lab was a stroke of genious, but it didn't work. Instead of shutting off, the type of mutants created were alterred and that is exactly how the Secant became known for producing retarded mutants.

    This one had learnt to run at only a few minutes old and was even saying a few words. This one is no regular Secant mutant.

    This is just the prologue, id appreciate any comments as im new to this entirely. Will post in comic form eventually I hope.
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