Well I don't know if the new is known outside Chile, but what its going on here has become pretty big.

Everything start with a Stundet Strike and the Hydroelectric on the south. Now everything become bigger, the Stundets are being supported by the Teachers Association and Estatal Universities. The LGBTQ has added to the strike to fight the Gay Marriage (thing that the president said it was gonna fight for, but nothing has happened). The Central Workers Federation also join the strike (those are workers). There are also Chilean Natives (Araucanos) who are adding to the strike and also making terrorist attacks on the south. There are also demands for the problem of the earthquake damage, where we have still a big amount of families without home. And the thing keep getting bigger and bigger, the government is against the wall, and they have lost a lot of power.

The Minister Joaquin Lavin was banned for any talk with the student, because he is making money with the education, having a University that he is using as a real estate franchise. And there is demand to use the money of the copper for the education (there is a law made by Pinochet that put most of that money for the Military Organism).

The demand of the Stundets are: Changes on the Constitution, Change on organic laws (made by Pinochet), Free Education (mostly to buffer the spends of education), Reconstruction of Schools post earth quack.


So yeah, everything its getting pretty cool in here.