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Thread: Most Cliche Plots/Characters?

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    Most Cliche Plots/Characters?

    What are some of the most overused storylines or characters you've come upon while reading manga? The one that I see the most these days are supernatural characters like vampires, angels, ect. but that might just be me..then there's characters who have transformation abilities (sorta like Super Saiyan levels from DBZ).

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    Stereotypical characters from any anime, manga, or J-video game. As for plot.... hrm, though stories do start off with the same basic plot, the good ones will differentiate themselves by having different rules to their world, abilities and so on.

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    Basically Ichigos. Or people who "hold back" until halfway through the fight/tennis match/card game.

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    Characters that I hate:
    - Cold bad guy that for some reason is cooler than all the other characters, usually because he is very good looking
    - Hot headed stubborn hero whose foil is the cool, calculating anti-hero. You can reverse these too so the hot headed guy is the villain.
    - Any character that exists simply to make the main character look good
    - Young children who exceed adults in every way. Bonus points if they're piloting robots. More bonus points if the writer uses them to preach his own philosophies.
    - Characters with hilarious "flaws" (ie the main guy in zatch bell being TOO SMART)
    - Characters with value dissonance who are never called out on it (Did you just slam dunk a baby!?)
    - Cocky fantasy guy who smirks all the time but never gets punished for being cocky in any way.
    - Pretty much anyone who smirks.
    - Seriously what it is with amateur fantasy writers and smirking.

    I can't think of any bad plots but there are some terrible plot devices I hate.
    - Hero suddenly makes a huge come back during battle with little to no explanation
    - Hero trains in the mountains to learn how to deus ex machina during the next fight
    - All conflicts are resolved through combat, especially small misunderstandings that could be cleared up with a short explanation
    - Child protagonist has a better understanding of the world then jaded veterans and ends doing something miraculous despite the logistics or practicality of it. Bonus points if its during some sort of war.

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    Too many really feminine guys. Like, super manly cool guys and then really feminine guys. The dichotomy is too extreme sometimes.

    And the girl that everyone is in love with for some reason. Then they fight for her dramatically.

    And then in shounen manga there's the whole, "This is the most powerful villain ever!" and then one saga later there's a more powerful guy who's insane, and yet somehow the hero can always become stronger.

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    James named pretty much everything that I was going to say. One more thing that is really dumb that's in a lot of animes is when some character straight up molests a girl and for some reason everyone is okay with it. Like wtf, really?

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    TV Tropes is your best friend for things like this ^_^
    My list is :
    1. An ordinary plain guy suddenly getting his own harem (for reason unknown).
    2. Cool "good" guy turns bad.
    3. Cool "bad" guy turns good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LVUER View Post
    2. Cool "good" guy turns bad.
    3. Cool "bad" guy turns good.
    Tropes Are Not Bad. It's not exactly unknown for people to change allegiances in real life, let alone in fiction. So long as you handle it well and not just as "omg I c da err0r of ma wayz an join u bcuz u r s0 good", neither of those are clichés.
    Quote Originally Posted by Fenn
    You forgot your F in Modesty.

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    Pretty much every single anime/manga ever. Like seriously, all the same characters and plots.
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    @Jubeh - Definitely yes on the kids thing. I don't understand how a "talentless" teenager can win a fight against five to ten adults who have been training their whole lives. Yes, my favorite manga is HSDK, and yes that happens a lot. I just pulled that example straight from the manga.

    I'm getting sick of the "blank slate" type of protagonist. Y'know, the one featured in every visual novel ever as getting all the girls and having sex with all of them, despite his only good feature being that he's the only guy in the game who's not old or evil? That leaves me with one visual novel I actually like. Like, REALLY like:

    Phoenix Wright: Ace Attourney

    Originally, I was gonna say I hated it when everyone liked a certain boy/girl for no good reason other than "s/he's hot," but then I suppose real life's like that, too.


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