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    A team of hard workers!

    Hi there!

    I recently joined MT and I really would like to team up with some people, you don't have to be professional " yet " I only have a simple dream and would love to achieve that dream some day. I'm still improving but it's easier to create a mange when several people are working with you, at the same time you have to be dead serious about it if you decide to start working with me! What I'm looking for is;

    - A person with some drawing experience a " little at least "
    - Backgrounds? Are you able to draw some fascinating backgrounds?
    - Some digital knowledge, like Photoshop or other drawing programs.
    - And at last you have to able to work with different people

    If you have some of those things I'm looking for and if you're interested pleas do contact me! I have uploaded some of my earlier and newer pictures. There are some undone pictures there but it should give you some clue on how, I prefer to draw my manga pictures. Pleas I need help do contact me through message or in this thread if you're interested!


    Oh yeah ofc! I should probably spoil some of the story line, actually I have several but the main story I'm working with now is called Exile!

    The story is told in a distant future where man kinds technology has reached it's top. They've traveled through out the universe and explored only to discover that there are several higher existence then they could imagine. The story starts off inn a planet called sector- 2.A where a group of people are attacked by bandits. There we meet two main characters. The first one we meet when she clashes with the bandits with no way out, then the other comes falling from the sky surrounded by lightning and crashes near the bandits. A young boy with abilities beyond your imagination. Who is this boy with incredible beauty able to bend and control lightning it self!

    Well that's basically one of my story lines that I'm working with, what do you think? And do you have any ideas that you would like to add my story line so far? If you are interested pleas do contact me! Through her or through messages

    " And pleas if you wish to use some of my ideas concerning story line, pleas do tell me! Thank you! ^^
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