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Thread: My introduction of me

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    Talking My introduction of me

    Hello there, I am Cameron aka Caboos318. I have been into anime/manga a while now and wanted to draw it even before I got really into it. I am here to learn and hopefully successful do what I have come here to do.

    I am currently watching Gurren Lagann (again) and Xenosaga (just started). I have seen quite a few others but not a ton, I still have a long list of want to watch. I enjoy Mecha, fantasy, comedy, drama, action, with a pinch of romance. Any suggestions are more then welcome.

    I am currently reading Gurren Lagann (just started) and Air Gear (kinda just started) and +Anima (just started today) again I am open to suggestions.

    Thanks for having me and I am sure I will learn a lot.

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    Ying Yang Member kine's Avatar
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    welcome to MT. ive learned stuff from here so MT should help u

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    Hey Caboos! Welcome to MT. If you want anime and manga suggestions, the best to go is the Anime & Manga section. Lots of threads are already up regarding member faves and recommendations. C:

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    hiii CABOOS. Welcome to MT.
    Don't be shy to post your handmade artworks.
    Guys here are pretty cool and will help you improve better.
    So welcome again and
    C YA .

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    Thank you. You just reminded me to start watching Gurren Lagann. I saw EP1 at AnimeBoston and never got around to watching it after.

    Also welcome.

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    in your heart
    i'm a big fan of TTGL as well... i have all episodes in my mind and always playing it all over again...

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    @ Fenn - You very welcome, I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.
    @ramiel - I know the feeling. Great show, so far i am enjoying the books just as much.

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