Man Man Man! -hypes up-

Yes in secret garden, i thought you had read the summery with it so you know xD. Yeeup it's p. fun after that. DEASUNGS "SMELL, ANOTHER SMELL "HAVE YOU SEEN IT ?

I don't think Dream High is my type of thing although 2 2pm members are in it i think
. City Hunter i barely made it to episode uhm 10? I don't know, i only watched it for lee min ho too xD. But i couldn't go yeah summary. it's p. funny twist in the end... :l

Yes yes Viki is fun but i can't use it a lot since i'm not in America!! =( So i use dramacrazy or just find a website to download the episodes on xD. Heartstrings was on the Viki app so yeaah one of the reason also that i watched heartstrings in like 2 days xD.
I haven't watched rooftop prince but i will definetly check it out!
i sometimes watch korean movies because drama's are like 12+ hours and movie just 2 hours or so... you shooouulldd totttaalllyy watch Seducing Mr. Perfect (it's with Daniel Henney!)

We got married is Wiki: We Got Married (Hangul: 우리 결혼했어요) is a South Korean reality variety show, one segment of the Sunday Sunday Night program. First broadcast in 2008, the show pairs up Korean celebrities to show what life would be like if they were married.[1] Each week, couples are assigned missions to complete, with candid interviews of the participants to reveal their thoughts and feelings.

In season 2 the pairs are
Original couple
Kim Yong Jun & Hwang Jung Eum (Ep 1-31)
Additional couples
Park Jae Jung & Uee (Ep 12-31)
Jo Kwon & Gain (Ep 21-80)
Lee Seok Hun & Kim Na Young (Ep 21)
Lee Sun Ho & Hwangwoo Seul Hye (ep 32-42)
Jung Yong Hwa & Seohyun (Youngest member of SNSD)(ep 40-91)
Nichkhun & Victoria (ep 52-91)

More yonghwa is deff. needed.
I wanted to watch Dream of Kim Bum but can't find it much it looks.... oke. Kim Bum is so cute i just wanted to watch something with him but I CANT HANDLE THE PAIN FOR MY FAV. CHARACTERS D:<

I was thinking about Fashion King but didn't start watching it, i was trying to watch uhhhm Shut Up Flower Boy Band, but the ost's arent translated (i hate it when ost's arent translated man..)