you probably understand this if you know how to make manga... there are times that you have to make more panels in just one scene... of-course you can't just make the same point of view and pose all the time... you have to have control over the camera,,

there are times when you have to make some kind of long conversation in just one room and you have to think of what to draw on the panel... you have to make a top miscellaneous view, bottom miscellaneous view... something that would suit the eye of the reader and not go for repeated scenes in every panels..

now i know some of you people would say "study anatomy" or "look for reference"

there are times that you can't just find the right reference for the imagination that pops out of you mind.... all has limits and even if you study anatomy... well there's still limits,, no one's that perfect dude..

so there are 3d soft-wares out there that could fill out the gap your lacking and a lot of pro out there use it as well...

please recommend anything that might help,,, i used daz3d but that's heck of a confusing software... i already deleted it
i haven't tried the 3d in photoshop cs5... i haven't found any tutorials yet on that

now i'm using the 3d in illuststudio.. in it's a lot of help... although you have to still study anatomy because it looks weird and creepy if you just use that directly,.,

so here... please recommend what ever i can use for the benefit of myself
(cough! cough!)
i mean for the benefit of everyone here on mt