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Thread: making and coloring clouds?

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    making and coloring clouds?

    Is there a tutorial on drawing and coloring clouds?

    I thought it would be simple, but its very difficult

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    I could be wrong but that looks digital. A lot of editing programs have cloud rendering to get started.

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    Digital, but probably not generated.

    To do that type of cloud digitally, you would want to first lay out the basic outline of the clouds in white - then add light gray or blueish-gray to the areas that the sun isn't directly hitting. Then, blur the hell out of it and add some smudges/mini-clouds around the borders.

    My guess is that watercolor would be the best option, traditionally... they can get you that blurred look pretty easily.

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    Believe me, Ive tried that, in my program- GIMP.
    It would be great if there was a step by step tutorial, because I cant get it to look any good by only following those rules.
    I can post an example image I made if you want.

    PS, another great cloud pic I found:

    EDIT: Here, this is how much I suck at this
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    Here, try checking these out:
    Painting Clouds
    Making of Cloud Sky

    There were some other tutorials on DA but I forgot the links. I suggest you do a search there and you can find them. Anyways, I suggest you check out the Massive Online Tutorials List for any other tutorials. There's a bunch of them listed there. C:

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    I've never tried actually drawing just clouds. I've been meaning to but never got around to it. Although I do have some methods.
    You could take a sky color and a really low flow/low opacity eraser (if you're working in PS), and work with a few different brushes and erase the sky out. That could make some pretty good looking clouds. As for coloring them and having sunlight and other stuff bounce off em, and volumetric effects. You'd need to just practice a bit. And check out what Rio posted, I'm pretty sure that's good stuff thar.

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    Whats the tool used in the first tutorial?
    The only thing similar I could find in Blender was Airbrush, but doesnt seem like it

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    It looks like a hard round brush with lowered opacity.

    It looks a bit, to me, that you're trying to find a perfect tutorial that will give perfect, straightforward, step by step instructions that will automatically lead to a cloud. But a cloud is drawn the same way everything else is drawn. You sketch out the shape, and then use shading to create the right texture and form.

    The example you gave of your attempt looks like colors were put down without any regard for the shape you were attempting to reproduce..


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