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Thread: OKAY NEW IDEA! Need feedback on concept, suggestions

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    OKAY NEW IDEA! Need feedback on concept, suggestions

    EDIT: new idea instead, on page 2.
    old idea:

    I'd like to get working on a simple arcade game using Game Maker. The idea is a pseudo-fighting game, but one centered around projectile use. The inspiration is the fact that in most fighting games projectiles are a topic of complaint because people want brawling to be the focal point, so why not make a fighter centered around projectiles? Imagine the likes of Megaman and Samus battling it out (just as an example!)

    The fighting space can be divided into thirds:
    - high (character's lower half when standing)
    - mid (characters upper half when standing)
    - low (empty space when standing)

    Fighters can walk, sprint, shield, crouch (dodge high and mid attacks), jump (dodge low attacks), and super jump (dodge mid and low attacks)

    Fighters will have three basic attacks:
    - beam: cannot be shielded
    - wave: covers high, mid, and low (aka cannot be dodged)
    - shot: can be shielded or dodged, but breaks through other projectiles.

    Fighters will also have three special moves.
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