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Thread: What are some of your favorite anime/manga series?

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    What are some of your favorite anime/manga series?

    Hey everybody at mangatutorials,
    Heres a good topic question to get started on, "what are some of your favorite anime/maga series?" This could help suggest new and interesting series to newcomers or fans for life. Its easy, just post and give a list of some of your favorite series. This can also help people wwho are looking for a new and fresh series. hope this helps, heres a list of some of my favorites!!
    *Death Note
    *Ghost Hunt
    *Witch Hunter ROBIN
    *darker than black
    *full metal Alchemist
    *vampire Knight
    *Chibi vampire
    *paranoia agent
    *D.Grey Man
    *D.N. angel(anime was bad,manga was great!)

    Looking for a action packed thriller series, Any suggestions??
    -please no yu-gi-oh, Pokemon, inu yasha,

    anyone have any good anime series to recommend?

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    NARUTO!!! I love it huge fan. but it's kinda the rival to bleach so i'm not too sure if you'd like it. I do though.

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    Man, I can't begin to list down what I would recommend. I'll get back to this once I have all the series down on paper first... by genre too! :3

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    * Needless
    * Choir!
    * Azumanga Daioh (also the anime)
    * Lucky Star (also the anime)
    * Toaru Majutsu no Index (also the anime)
    * Toaru Kagaku no Railgun (also the anime)
    * Gunslinger Girls (also the anime, season 1 only)
    * Nurarihyon no Mago

    * Macross Plus
    * SRW OG Divine Wars
    * Working
    * Chrome Shelled Regios
    * Zegapain
    * Shakugan no Shana (season 1 only)
    * Zero no Tsukaima
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    Death Note (only up to the 5th volume though)
    One Piece
    History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi
    Mahou Negi Negi

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    Naruto(only the manga)
    Death Note
    Nodame Cantabile
    Fairy Tail
    Code Geass
    Ghost Hunt
    Shakugan no shana

    I like a lot more of them, and still reading some awesome ones, but these are something I'd read/watch again and again and again.

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    For manga, (not necessarily anime) these are my favorites:

    Mahou Sensei Negima!
    Yu-Gi-Oh! + Spinoffs (As much as people put down this series, I stand by the fact that it is one of the most magnificent manga I have ever read...)
    Death Note
    Busou Renkin
    Pocket Monsters Special

    And that's all I really feel like is worth enough for me to put on a "favorites" list. And I don't watch anime a whole lot, which is why I didn't inlcude any. I'm more of a manga guy. :U

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    well because i live in england the only manga i have read are maison ikkoku , chobits and clover.
    But anime hower , seen as i can watch online XD

    favourites : Death note
    Code geass
    Perfect Blue
    Naoki Urasawas Monster ( favourite of all )

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    I would also recommend (just like several others) Magister Negi Magi (or Mahou Sensei Negima). Manga only, since the anime is well, for me, not comparable to the manga counterpart. How could I forget to include this manga into my list...

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    Gintama is absolute ,, imo xD

    i have other anime's and manga's i like as well but Gintama is my favourite of all xD


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