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Thread: Advice needed

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    Shonen manga tends to be rather brainless, really, so you needn't worry over-much about plot. Most kids like to see decently drawn characters, some unusual theme and a bit of fanservice. Usually the main character becomes incomparably stronger and better than everyone else in some area of expertise.

    There, I just described 95% of all the shonen mangas out there!

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    First of all... Thank you all for trying to assist me with what little info I've given ya'll
    Now I feel I can describe it safely...
    Main idea-
    The universe is a tapestry made of vibrating strings of energy. The seven dimensions are like patches held seperate from one another by energy. Energy is never destroyed or created it is transformed in the sixth dimension and reworked into the "loom" (seventh demension) and spun from there into the universe. Every dimension has different properties.
    The quest- A young boy named Sen discovers that (while he is ADHD ) he has the ability to hyper focus and control his own vibrationary frequency. (He chews holes in his school uniform alot though) so one day he must fix the holes and his mom sends him to his (desceased) father's room to find a needle. When he comes into contact with it he feels a keen warmth eminate from it, and he feels confident, happy, it's almost mood altering... and he hyperfocuses on the sensation. The act of him hyper focusing changes the vibrationary frequency he emits and triggers the needle to become the size of a rapier. He blacks out... (moving along) he is persued by a religious organization that wants him dead (the religious organization believes they can get to heaven through opening the seventh dimension) Sen finds out he is a tailor... someone charged with keeping the dimensions seperate and sown together so that there isn't chaotic drift. I'd tell you more but...... that would kill the suprise...

    What I need help is taking my protected idea and setting goals, scheduling due dates, doing filler writing, and how to go at this in a well rounded way...
    Any advice?
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    pm me. . .I love writing stories

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