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Don't think about it, just do it. Your brain takes care of the rest. Confidence is something that is an absolute MUST with art, if you're not confident, nothing works.
Go for it bro, looking forward to some results.
Thx. I actually had the best scary moment of my drawing career when I worked in the workbook yesterday. I was going for the pre-instruction exercise: drawing your hand, where you just use your current skills, and I started with an outline, then froze.

I was lost.

I had no idea how to go about drawing this hand. What should I represent with a line? What should be shading? How do I interpret the folds? WHAT DO I DO! It was then that I realized that while I have been drawing manga, I've been improving with solely that subject, and my basic art skills were improving much slower. This is why I was so afraid to try anything new! While I have several years experience doing the same basic manga poses, I technically have hardly any real practice when it came to basic art skill.

Now, as I find more things I am terrible at, I'm excited rather than angry because I'm thinking "OH! Something else I hadn't thought of! Now I can try to work on this!" I'm identifying my faults now and it feels great. After I gain some confidence--like you said GunZet--I'll be able to go back to manga with a whole new perspective on art and pencil sketching!