One thing I still cannot understand is how, after 2 hours of work and tons of detail work and perfection of the image, my work would be sketchy (no pun intended) and far from what's in my head. Then I look at some artists online, and while there are of course the uber-detailed scenes that some manga artists create, there are also very simplistic, minimalistic manga images that appear to have been sketched out and inked in half the time, and use far fewer lines than my work, yet are far more refined, clear, and nicer to look at.

This link (to GunZet's page) shows the first type I explained:

It's filled with crisp, accurate detail, and clearly took a lot of effort.

Then there's this:

Ignoring the fact that it's animated, I could not draw that from my head. I CAN'T DRAW THAT! It would be very ugly if I tried, with poor lines and no sense of "cuteness." How does a tiny thumbnail like this convey more emotion and life than my labors of love! This is a very frustrating idea for me...

Does anyone know how this could be?