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Thread: Drawing Dragons

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    Drawing Dragons

    So im mid through drawing a theme for the 100 theme challenge and I realise I just cant draw dragons ..
    I tried searching reference on deviant art and found some general dragon reference but
    I was looking specifically for how to draw an impaled dragon because its the part where the dragon would be impaled that I cant seem to draw. I tried googling for ref but got ed hardy t shirts..which although cool..are of no use.

    Any one help me out with dragon drawing.
    Also any reference or existing art work that shows how to draw something impaled would be ideal.



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    Check this one out.

    Also, I would suggest you check this list of tutorials from ImagineFX and search for "dragons" (Ctrl+F). The one I linked is the best one that explains everything but there are also a few others.

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    A few simple but helpful tips for dragons and monsters in general:

    - Bigger is better. This sounds obvious but keep it in mind.
    - More details is usually better. In both manga and real art monsters usually have more detail than humans or small, furry creatures. Add wrinkles, scars, and other marks to increase the scare factor.
    - This is just from my experience, but some simple shapes and guidelines can go a long way to getting down the pose and proportion. I actually find guidelines help me more with dragons than humans!


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