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Thread: Getting started?

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    Getting started?

    I am sure you guys get this alot but here it goes.

    I am a relatively skilled 3d modeller. I took several classes on the subject and really love doing it. However, the only thing we ever learned was to make things from scratch (which takes forever), or to take someone elses drawing and turn it into a 3d model.

    Luckily for me i had a friend in the same classes that knew how to draw so he would draw things up for me.

    However i want to move forward and learn how to make my own creations that i have drawn myself.

    I know absolutely nothing about drawing things by hand. I probably could barely draw stick figures lol. I don't really know anything all i know is sometimes you use guidelines, although i have no idea how.

    So my question is.

    What is a good tutorial i can look at that would get a TOTAL beginner started on this sort of thing?

    I appreciate the help, thanks in advanced.


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    this thread can probably help you.

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    When I was little and started drawing i just copied my favorite artists' pictures. Try just drawing things you like, and move on to small things like body parts.

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    Indeed, that is how I learned to draw as well, start simple just draw some simple pictures that you like. Like the person above me said artists' pictures or anime characters then work your way up good luck


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