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Thread: Art by Story

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    I'm finally finish making the demo cover...

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    be careful on the shoes, the heel of the shoe is not that thick it does not curve out that much. also the foot curves in on the inside so the right foot needs to be fixed.

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    @apples13: I think I understand a bit of what you mean but can you point out locations out for me through redline? (It's ok if you don't since I just wanted to get a better idea of what you mean by the shoes). Thanks apples13, I'm glad that someone is still giving me advise. ^^

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    Experimenting with colouring and backgrounds.

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    The coloring isn't bad, but watch out not to give everything the same level of lightness or the drawing will look more flat. Also watch out when highlighting folds, it can make clothes look really weird. Nice job though ^^
    btw I also really like the demo cover, looks really great

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    When you shade, try not to simply use darker versions of the base color. Instead of using dark blue to shade blue, try purple or brown. Also, the folds look a little stiff, like they're being stretched extremely tightly. Remember to incorporate more than one type of fold into your clothing.

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    @Mr_D: I'll try to colour with more contrast for the next one then ^^.

    @CypressDahlia: Can I ask what colour I can use for the shaded areas of a green uniform? I plan to take your advise with the next one I'll be making.

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    That depends on a lot of things. As an artist, we have to pay attention to both absolute and relative color, as well as what looks best aesthetically. The first question I would ask is:

    1.) What's the general color scheme of the work? To make a visually appealing and cohesive piece, you need to be aware of your palette. An image with well-balanced colors relates each of the separate colors somehow. A good example is Hyung Tae-Kim's work, which typically uses off-white highlights and brown or gray shading. By making this consistent throughout the piece, all the elements create a more harmonious whole.

    2.) What color is the atmosphere? Lighting and other atmospheric effects should have dominance over most things. This is called relative color. Depending on what mood you want to set, or what's going on around the character, colors might be entirely different than what we assume. A good example is sunset. Water is not typically red, nor are clouds typically orange or purple. We know water appears blue and clouds appear white. But, because of the light source (sun), they appear relatively orange.

    3.) What colors are nearby? You also want to pay attention to what other colors are near the portion you're coloring. If there are large amounts of red surrounding the green uniform (say, a green shirt with red pants), then you want to shade with a gradient of brown->orange, because the green would reflect that light.

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    @CypressDahlia: Thanks Cypress, I might not be able to make the drawing yet though.

    Here's my last drawing for now, just want to get some comments if the expressions on them give you the right idea of what's happening.

    P.S. I'll leaving indefinitely for awhile for concerns of my health.

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    Wow sorry to hear that. You draw like a semi-professional it's crazy. You're level is right up there with some of the best artists on this forum


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