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Thread: Art by Story

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    Yes! You can actually see that it's got substance. Will you be inking this piece? It's pretty good.

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    Yeah, that's more like it! ;D You're awesome, hahah ^^ keep it up!

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    @rio: I'm not sure... I'm still not that confident.

    @Mr_D: Thanks, getting support is always a good sign. ^^

    I might not post anything for this week though... (really busy with schoolwork right now...^^')

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    The princess in the story called "The fox princess and the wolf king" (KitsuneNoHimeToOukamiNoOu) . I drew the wolf prince but he had too much details on his armor ^^' . I did manage to draw and colour the fox princess and want to get some advise on how to make the hair more gold in colour.
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    I remember reading that story after researching kitsunes and yokai. I loved it, and this is a great adaptation of the princess.

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    @Ozzaharwood: I'm not sure if it's really an adaptation though (since I made it from scratch)... If it was, then it would be an adaptation from my other story called "A Rose Without Thorns". I had second thoughts of posting my stuff in the manga section since I'm still trying to get better...

    Here is the wolf prince (still in the making though...)

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    I managed to make the wolf prince younger but the results of the drawing didn't go as what I wanted it to be... (I do like the hair even without the ponytail though ^^)
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    I will have more time to draw now since summer is coming up ^^.

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    That map looks like something straight out of the first page of a fantasy novel. Also, the girl in the top left of the last picture is pretty. Your sketches have a really nice look to them, and I really like how you draw armor.

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    @Matt: Thanks ^^ , The map is actually not finish yet since I want to add more landmasses. The top left girl is actually one of the characters I thought of making as the princess but decided to go with my second. I'm planning to make a chapter atleast of the story in the manga section but I'm not 100% sure of it yet. I did say they were quick sketches but it actually took me an hour ^^' .

    Here are some chibi sketches of the male characters in the story. The right is from Kitsunara (fox samurai) but the other two are from Wulferia (wolf prince,wolf bandit).

    P.S. I'm going stop posting drawings for now since I'll be drawing the story with the time I have and to add some anticipation of the results (which I hope is a success... >< )

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