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Thread: Art by Story

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    Art by Story

    Hi guys, sorry if I had to remake my thread but I felt that had to start again from the beginning and learn the basics. I'm also learning how to use SAI which is a bit different compared to Photoshop. It has tools that I'm not familiar so I had to experiment with some. I hope to get some good advice and opinions with the comments so I can improve. Thanks ^^

    Here is a page that I quickly sketched and one of the drawings coloured through SAI.

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    All of the sketches look great, and I applaud you for learning a new program =D Trying to master a new program has always intimidated me lol As for the color pick, it looks good so far, but as you get more comfortable with the program you may want to try shading the colors too e.g. coloring the underside of her hair a darker color.

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    I love the eyes... especially the colored one!

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    Sorry guys, I'm beginning to shy out from posting my stuff again recently ><. I'm still working at this image below for the past week and want to get some advise in colours mostly. I was thinking maybe the colour of the cape is too dark and maybe I should go for a sky blue. What do you think guys?

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    I decided to redraw the character from "Ookami no Ou to Kitsune no Hime" since I feel that the previous drawing of her wasn't that good and didn't give that certain aura I wanted ^^'. I'm still trying to adjust some stuff a bit and hoping for some advise. I'm still learning... ><

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    Oh story, how I've missed your art.

    Some things you might wanna watch are the legs. You tend to make them at an angle to the body. It's not that big of an angle, but it's still there. :3

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    Ooooo, I like! It looks good!
    I am so not typing anything interesting...

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    @jaidurn: I see what you mean... ><

    @Japxican: thanks ^^

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    Just want to add on to jaidurn's post.

    What I am going to suggest here are flow points. It goes from the upper hip flexors, around the inner knees, and back out to the rest of the shin.

    I did a tutorial on the legs. Here's a picture of it:

    As you can see, the red lines are what I call flow points. The legs are not perfectly straight. The flow points act as positioning points based on the location of the leg muscles. Get this right and you will make it that much more convincing.

    There are also flow points for the arms as well. Rather than straight down, it spirals inwards. While I don't want to spend to much time explaining it, the location of the tutorial itself is at:

    Again, if you understand the flow points, everything else will fit together.

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    @Sonny: Thank you so much Sonny! I'll try using it when I get some free time ^-^


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