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Thread: THE PLAN

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    I agree xD,,

    I suppose no one remembers the end of the movie V for Vendetta?

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    Quote Originally Posted by violin View Post
    Actually I said that there is no think as real freedom because we are restricted. Truth is most people would do bad stuffs if there are no laws. Sure you'll say the common sense will guild you what is right and wrong. But what if someone thinks that killing is right and he should be free to do so. There are restrictions that has to be forced upon us. My point is that if we have the right to speak, travel, marry, learn, religion etc - then it's all fine. I know it's not fine now. There are still thinks we should do some work and progress about. [etc.]
    I'd be happy to debate this in the morality and ethics thread, but it would be off-topic here.
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    You forgot your F in Modesty.


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