OK, as of recently i have been thinking ever sense time began there have always been good artist, have they stained the art world? i say this because when ever some one hears the word art the think of those famous artists or drawings when i hear art, i hear one beautiful word that express itself in many form, music,photography, yes drawings, manga and anime but also the smile of a baby or a gentle, caring mother. when i hear art i hear all of these things and more art is more than pen and paper it comes from heart,soul, and mind. Think about this so the next time you see a rainbow, or a beautiful sunset you'll think art with its true meaning and purpose to the world.

ART- Music , Drawings , Soul , Life , SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL!

and anyone out here who wants to take up the great spark of art and light a flame with it but don't know how... keep trying trace if you have too but never give up and never take credit for something you didn't do..

i hope this message reaches many