Does it ever seem like RPGs are moving in this direction? I noticed that a lot of RPGs these days are being rated more on the grounds of interactive fiction, given merits solely for immersion, how many choices you get, etc, etc. This was alarmingly apparent when I read Game Informer's review of the Witcher 2.

Now, GI tends to be a hardass when it comes to reviews. But they gave the Witcher 2 a 9.25/10. If you just look at the score, you think "wow, this game must be amazing" but when you read the review, over 60% of it is complaining about how much the gameplay sucks. o_O It was described as "merely adequate", at best.

The first 40% lauds the immersion factor, talking solely about how many choices you get. The remaining 60% talks about how much PLAYING the game actually sucks. IMO, I don't care how many options I get if these options aren't actually enjoyable to play out. So what is this? How does a game with such overwhelming negatives (esp. in the gameplay department, you know, what games are made of) get a near-perfect score?

Are RPGs becoming mere Interactive Fiction?