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    Manga Collections

    What manga do you own? List your whole collection, as well as what volumes you own beside the title! Feel free to post in this thread with updates to your collection!

    Currently, I own...

    Amazing Agent Luna, Omnibus 1-2
    Angelic Layer, Vol.1
    Black Cat, Vol.7, 18
    Cardcaptors, Cine-Manga 4
    Dream Saga, Vol.1
    Fullmetal Alchemist, Vol.1-3
    Game Plan! Vol.1-2 [Complete]
    Heaven Bound, Vol.1 [Canceled]
    Hero Tales, Vol.1
    Inverloch, Vol.1
    Kimi ni Todoke, Vol.1-5
    Land Of The Blindfolded, Vol.1
    Manga Messiah
    Mistress Fortune
    Princess Sakura: The Legend Of Princess Sakura, Vol.1
    Tegami Bachi, Vol.1-2
    Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, Vol.1-2, 18-20, 24-28
    The World Stops! Vol.1
    xxxHOLiC, Vol.1-3, 15

    Your turn!

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    Astro Boy vol. 1
    Blame vol. 1
    Gantz vol. 1 and 2
    Monster vol. 1
    NOiSE vol. 1
    Tenjho Tenge vol. 1
    Rurouni Kenshi vol. 28
    Vagabond vol. 1
    Takuza Girl vol. 1
    Ryugetsusho vol. 1-3
    MAUS I and II
    The Walking Dead vol. 1-7
    Sandmand vol. 1-3
    SQUEE'S Wonderful Big Giant Book of Unspeakable Horrors.
    Runaways vol. 1
    Ex Machina COMPLETE.
    Hellboy -The Chained Coffin and Others- and -The Conqueror Worm (complete)-.
    Greek Street first issue.
    Sin City first issue
    Megacity 909 vol. 1
    DNA2 vol. 7
    Poe Stories.
    The Call of Cthulhu.

    The big problem is that I can't find the ones I like in the stores of here, so I have to buy them through amazon.

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    Yeah, I use Amazon to buy alot of manga, too. Mainly for older titles, out of print titles, or others I can't find in the store for some reason. As well as the self-published stuff ^.^

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    99% of the manga I own is digital and stored on my hard drive. As long as that still counts:

    Black Cat (all volumes)
    To Love Ru (all volumes)
    To Love Ru Darkness (all volumes currently released via Mangafox) -- (most perverted manga I actually read consistently)
    Tenjo Tenge (around 19 volumes or so. I love the art, but I don't even read the story. Either it's too deep for me, or it's just terrible. I'm tempted to think the latter)
    Rurouni Kenshin (all volumes)
    Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple (all digital volumes currently available. American publication is too slow)
    Rosario+Vampire (both seasons, all volumes of first, still trying to catch up on the second)
    Banana no Nana (all volumes currently translated)

    I have plenty of mangas scattered around my manga folder, but I don't finish downloading most of them. Unless a manga is seriously awesome, I don't download any more of it once I get to the point where the translators are.

    Physical books:

    Kingdom Hearts 2 (1)
    Warcraft: Sunwell Trilogy (all 3)
    DNAngel (1 -- I'm not a fan of this type. It was only 3 dollars, though, so I bought it)

    I also have one of the Haruhi light novels, but either because of the translation or because of the story itself, I didn't find it all that good.

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    You really want a wall of answer about my manga collection? Here goes... Not counting the digital manga I owned (which is A LOT):
    - Detective Conan (1-62)
    - Flame of Recca (1-32)
    - Harlem Beat (1-36)
    - Dragon Voice (1-12)
    - Samurai X (1-23)
    - Doraemon (1-45)
    - Aqua Age (1-7)
    - New Aqua Age (1-3)
    - Zenki (1-10)
    - Video Girl Ai (1-15)
    - Saint Tail (1-8)
    - Adventure of Pokemon (1-4)
    - Q Tantei Gakuen (1-22)
    - Shonen Jikenbo Kindaichi (1-32)
    - RahXePhon (1-3)
    - Crash Gear Turbo (1-3)
    - Shoot (1-25)
    - Shoot in Memory (1-10)
    - Shoot A New Age (1-13)
    - Shin Tekken Chinmi (1-12)
    - Chinmi Legends (1-9)
    - Dodge Ball Danpei (1-10)
    - Dragon Ball (1-42)
    - Sakura War (1-9)
    - Angelic Layer (1-5)
    - Hack Legend of Twilight (1-3)
    - City Hunter (1-32)
    - Angel Hearts (1-25)
    - Family Compo (1-13)
    - Mahou Sensei Negima (1-14)
    - Gunslinger Girls (1-9)
    - Full Metal Panic (1-8)
    - Cowboy Bebop (1-2)
    - Kingdom Hearts (1-3)
    - Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories (1-2)
    - Kingdom Hearts 2 (1-2)
    - King of Bandit Jing (1-6)
    - Shanao Yoshitsune (1-21)
    - Shanao Yoshitsune Genpei War (1-12. ongoing)
    - Patlabor (1-22)
    - Jaja Umaja (1-26)
    - YuGiOh (1-42)
    - Mobile Suit Gundam (1, because it's only one)
    - Gundam Wing Endless Waltz (1-3)
    - Gundam Wing Dual Story (1-3)
    - Vandread (1, because it's only one)
    - Trigun (1-2, cause they only localized two, damn T_T)
    - Sailormoon (1-18)
    - Sailormoon Animation (1-10)
    - Sailormoon R Animation (1-10)
    - Stone Buster (1-4)
    - Seven of Seven (1-3)
    - Natsuki Crisis (1-16)
    - Is (1-15)
    - Love Hina (1-14)
    - AI Love You (1-8)
    - Cardcaptor Sakura (1-12)
    - Break Age (1-10)
    - Break Age Special (1, because it's only one)
    - Hunter X Hunter (1-6)
    - Chrno Crusade (1-8)
    - Someday's Dreamers (1-2)
    - Chobits (1-7)
    - Record of Lodoss War (1-6)
    - Kagetora (1-8)
    - Rave (1-33)
    - Jigoku Sensei Nube (1-28, ongoing)
    - Fushigi Yugi (1-16)
    - Pretty Face (1-6)
    - Sylphid (1-23)
    - Aqua and Aria (just recently buy them complete set but still haven't opened them so I can't remember how many volumes)

    And several bunch of one shot manga that I'm not interested in mentioning one by one...

    Aaaand, a big cabinet full of manga. I don't want to open them and read them all one by one, sorry ^_^

    Note: Sorry if I got the volume number wrong. Usually, if I have a manga title, then I have all of the series (since I'm a collector). Though I don't have recent manga since I switch to digital (unless if I write ongoing which means I still buy it).
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    I don't own anything manga related.


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