Hello! I thought I'd share with you my ongoing webmanga called Crimson Shadows. This is my first manga I ever drew on paper (I used to draw on MS Paint alot, my art was...very terrible...) I have been drawing manga since 2009 I think, but it wasn't until sometime in 2010 I began drawing on paper. The more I drew, the quicker I started improving.

This manga is sort of an experiment, I guess. The earlier pages look pretty bad (this was before I used digital screentone in the later pages), but the newer ones you can notice some improvement. I'm a totally amatuer, I admit, but I hope to develope and grow as a mangaka and get better! (I can finally do side views better....but backgrounds is still a problem >.<)

With no further babbling, I give you Crimson Shadows:
(I am seriously going to redraw volume 1 and ch.1 cover >.>)

Constructive critique and comments are welcomed! ^.^