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Thread: Downtown: Gaki No Tsukai!! BATSU THIS SATURDAY

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    Downtown: Gaki No Tsukai!! BATSU THIS SATURDAY

    Okay guys if you're just seeing this for the first time, what we've been doing is downloading and then watching the batsu games while being on skype. It's pretty cool actually. Anyway, here's a list of the batsu games. Ones in red are ones James and I have watched and ones in purple are ones that we've watched while doing this skype thing. The one in green is the one that we're going to watch next.

    24 Hour Tag
    Haunted Hotel
    No-Laughing Onsen
    No-Lauging in Yugawara
    No-Laughing High School
    No-Laughing Police Station
    No-Laughing Hospital
    No-Laughing Newspaper Agency
    No-Laughing Hotel Employee
    No-Laughing Spy School
    No-Laughing Enthusiastic Teachers

    If you want to join us just post here and I'll send you the links.
    The people who are watching/have watched with us are Oba Maggie, Evil Cake, Jubeh and myself. Numana is going to join for the next one too.
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