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Thread: The Alcohol Thread

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    I don't normally drink. It's been proven I can hold my alcohol rather well because of my gargantuan stature. It's an asset, in my opinion; I sometimes cause drunks to quieten by challenging their already booze-addled bodies to a drinking contest. Largely this involves 1-3 double rums, a passed out fellow and a mildly tipsy Lucy, at worst (or I quit while I'm ahead if it's not worked by then, knowing when to cut your losses is an asset too). But on the whole I don't like alcoholic drinks - I don't like the taste of any alcoholic drinks over common soft drinks, and I don't see the appeal of getting drunk, so barring when drinking out of politeness or when using it to my advantage, I don't drink. On the other hand, I have never been properly drunk, only tipsy at worst, so I don't know the pleasure. Maybe I will try it someday.

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    I like the taste of most alchoholic drink. And I get drunk very easy.

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    I get drunk easily if I drink quite a lot at once, but if I stretch it out over the course of an evening it doesn't accumulate like it would with most people.

    Fast metabolism, I guess.
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    I started drinking while in the Navy. At first, it was just beer. Then I grauated to mixed drinks, which I found too sweet. Then I got my masters in whiskey. By the time I got out of the Navy, I was ordering double shots of Jack Daniels & drinking no less than 4 Heinkens after that. It made me really stupid & extermely viloent...which is no good for me because I've practiced several forms of martial arts & can effectively apply them for self defense. I tried to stick to just marijuana, but that stuff truly is the Assassin of Youth because you won't jack shit done in a timely manner while high.

    Now I just drink wine with my meals. Pinot Noir or a really good Merlot. They give me about the same buzz as a joint & I can still do stuff without trying to open up a can of whoop ass.


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