So, my question is, what would you do?

All right. I want your perspective. Now, there's this bitch. Let's call her Lassie. She's personally tried to make my life hell, okay? Well, I've been really kind for her to like, nine or ten months now, and she's still going after me with venom. She posts stupid shit about me, tries to get my friends to turn against me, and otherwise is just a real ass. She's shallow and childish, to say the least.

Now, I'm betting she's jealous. Well, anyway, Lassie is on an art site. So am I. She's prettty egotistical. I mean, she has no real self confidence, so she has to brag about everything else to make her feel better. That and she thinks she has me figured out, but she doesn't know a DAMN thing about me.

So, here's me, on this art site, and her, too, okay, and the thing is, yes, she has more watches (yea, like that's really all that important), and she has people shmoozing all over her all the time. I mean, seriously, this girl is about as fake as they come. But the thing is that I don't get it. How is it that people do not see what she really is? Is it simply because she's a tiny bit popular, or more?

The very fact that she does all these things, including posting a large amount of shit about me on the internet for people to laugh at, proves that she really just needs to get a life. I mean, someone who does these kinds of things has some serious psychological problems.

Now, maybe people don't see it because they're not on her bad side, but I really don't see what's important about this person. Why do people treat her like a god? Her art isn't THAT great. I mean, seriously, it's not.

Any ideas, people?