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Thread: The Beginner's Guide to Forums & Posting

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    The Beginner's Guide to Forums & Posting

    Welcome to the Manga Tutorials forum! If you're new to the concept of forums, then this is the place to get your feet wet and learn all about it. Forums are divided into common areas. For example, here in Manga Tutorials we have the Moderator's Corner, The Commons, The Marketplace, and The Artist Area.

    Within each of those areas, there are sections. Under The Commons, for example, you will find the Welcome Wagon, General Discussion, and Chatter Box sections.

    When you click on one of those sections, you will be greeted by a list of threads that fall under that's sections theme. The Anime & Manga section for instance will have tons of anime and manga related threads.

    How to Make a Thread
    1) To make a thread, click on the New Thread link right above the title block that says Threads or Announcement.

    2) This will take you to a posting page which is very similar to an email composition page. Fill in the fields; type in a title in the Title field and write a message in the Message box

    3) Choose whether you want to subscribe to the thread or not. Subscribing to a thread means you will be notified here at the site whenever someone replies back to the thread.

    4) Hit Attach a Poll if you want to run a poll with your Thread. Enter the question and then possible choices before hitting the Submit Button.

    5) Type in any words you would like to attach to your thread.

    6) When done, hit the Submit button to post your new thread.

    Note: If you want to edit your post, hit the Edit button (a paper with a pencil) on the bottom-right hand side of your post. This will take you back to the editing page so you may edit your post.

    How to Use the Posting Buttons
    When you were writing your message, you may be wondering what the line of buttons were on top - the B, I, U, smiley face and so on. Here's a break down of how to use them.

    B - bold text
    I - italicize text
    U - underline text

    To use one of the above text formats, highlight the text or group of text you want to bold, italicize, or underline. Once highlighted, hit the appropriate button. Your selected text will now be flanked by one of the following (sans extra space):

    [ b] [/ b] - bold
    [ i] [/ i] - italics
    [ u] [/ u] - underline

    For the remaining posting features they're there to do the following:

    smiley face - add an emoticon to your message
    chain & world - add a link to a website
    painting of tree - add an image link
    film strip - add a link to a video

    Smiley Face - hit the button and choose one of the emoticons presented. It will be added to the body of your message

    Chain - Hit the chain button and type in the link at the field provided. It will automatically add the link to the end of your post so beware when using this button. You can manually add a link by using [noprase]type text here[/noparse]. Be sure to remove any spaces in [ ] tag.

    Photo - Like the chain button, this provides a field for you to enter your image link. This time, it will place the url in between two [ img] tags like so:

    [img]http://your image link here[/img] <-- Be sure to remove any spaces if you're typing in manually

    Videos - When adding a video, this time, it will ask for a category and the link to the video. Please do NOT add a video unless you want it to be posted at the site. If your video does not fit any of the categories provided, then you're best bet is to use the Chain/Website Link instead.

    How to Nest Tags
    Nesting tags is when you have mroe than one formatting together such as a bold and italicized text
    Example: [i][b]Bold and Italiczed Text[/b][/i]

    Another frequently used nested tags is url and img like so:
    [url=http://link to site or bigger image here][img ]http://link to image goes here[/img ][/url]
    This will create something like this which shows an image but also links to a site when it is clicked.

    Post Features
    At the bottom right hand side of every post are some extra post features. I've already meantione the editing button (paper and pencil) which you use to re-write or add text to your post. There are more to those features and here's what they mean:

    Thumbs Up! - This is to give the poster your thanks for making a great post.
    Paper & Pencil - This is to edit your post if you want to re-write or edit it in any way
    Paper & Negative - If you want to delete your post, choose this button. You cannot undue this so be careful what you're pressing
    Flag - If there's something wrong with the post, hit this flag to report it to mods
    Balloon & Plus - A handy feature if you want to quote a poster's words. Hit is to quote what they've said.
    Two Balloon & Plus - This is to quote multiple posters at once. Hit the button on whomever you want to quote and hit Go Advanced when you're done selecting. All posts you selected will automatically be quoted for you.

    Speaking of quotes, quote tags are as follows:
    [quote=number of the post being quoted]body of text being quoted goes here[/quote]

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    There's a whole slew of BB Codes here that you can use. Below is a quick list with explanations. If you would like examples, go here.

    BB Code List

    1. Bold / Italic / Underline
    [b], [i], [u]

    2. Color

    3. Size

    4. Font

    5. Highlight

    6. Left / Right / Center
    [left], [right], [center]

    7. Indent

    8. Email Linking

    9. URL Hyperlinking

    10. Thread Linking

    11. Post Linking

    12. Bulleted Lists / Advanced Lists

    13. Images

    14. Videos

    15. Code

    16. PHP Code

    17. HTML Code

    18. Quote

    19. Stop BB Code Parsing

    20. Attachment

    21. Anchor

    22. Bug

    23. Note

    24. Screencast

    25. Inline Code


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    Posting Courtesy

    Just wanted to mention this since some newbies seem to break this rule a lot: Do NOT keep replying to a thread if you were the last one to post!

    If you were the last one to post in a thread, no one has replied yet, and it hasn't been that long since you last posted something, then EDIT YOUR POST! To edit your post, just look at the bottom-right corner of your post and click on Edit Post.

    This will bring back the text box where you can then edit (add more text, make spelling and grammar corrections, etc) your post. Hit Save when you're done and it will update your post.


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