Rofl, good response Rio.

There are limitless amounts of manga and anime out there, and to choose just a few to recommend would be hard for me, so I'll just say go to and read the reviews and plot synopsis'. You'll be able to get an idea of what each story is about, and if it has good reviews you'll probably enjoy it. IMO, any anime or manga, no matter what the story or even if it has no story, is enjoyable to me.

You said anything will do, and you also said you want to see different art styles, so I have to recommend Bakemonogatari. This was one of the greatest art and art directing styles for an anime that I have seen so far. But I have to say I didn't really enjoy the plot (Which almost never happens with me), since it was so odd and eerie. Just read reviews and find what you think you'll like, but don't spend all of your time just reading reviews. Trust me, I did it and it was a little depressing doing that for long periods of time. Also, I found myself watching some badly reviewed anime and ending up liking them, so it works both ways.

Good luck, and I hope you found this a least a little useful. c: