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    the greater mythology

    ok i'm just trying to make a prologue and this is my first time doing it..(i just did it cause i'm bored)

    in the beginning there were three deities that rule this world, the deity of knowledge "Sodic", the deity of control "Excel" and the deity of power "Sky"

    although Sky cannot contain his power within his body so their father(the god who created their world) extracted his power from his body and gave it to the world until Sky's body is ready..

    from his power the world born humans with special abilities and they were called Sky descendants(i may change this name)

    when their father left the world to go make some other worlds, Sodic foreseen something in the future and starts killing sky descendants without telling his brothers the reason why.. he made special weapons and gave it to humans and form a powerful army more powerful than that of all sky descendants combined..

    Excel was furious and so he declared a war as well.. but of-course he lost and died even with his powers he's no match for Sodic..

    Sky doesn't care of whatever Sodic was doing, because he trust Sodic and still believes that he has a reason for doing so but when the time he herd excel was killed he then thinks that maybe Sodic is just doing everything for his own benefit and so joined the war against him.. but Sodic just played around with sky and didn't see him as a threat..

    Sky then used the power of ability canceller on his body that his Father warned not to use..... after that Sodic became really afraid it's because his knowledge can't go through him.. sodic shakes and can't move... it's the first time that he does not know something.. while sodic can't move Sky managed to stab his heart(like a vampire lol )

    anyway the reason Sodic did those things is because he loved the world and foreseen in his power that the world will be ruled by Sky descendants and humans will be enslaved by them... and the bringer of destruction "Karma" will come because of the Sky descendants, (Sodic revealed it in his last breath)

    well the adventure here is for Sky to gather all of the abilities from the sky descendants using his power of taking them(the ability ascender)

    6000 years passed and Sky meet Samantha Rodwel a girl with the power of controlling the wind...
    little did Samantha know that Sky was the one who killed her in her past life..
    and Sky was really shocked at the moment that he noticed that the ability users that Sodic killed back then is all being reincarnated..

    how will Sky take all the abilities before the world becomes of what Sodic foreseen

    I'll update this.. i'm not good at summarizing that's why my sentence is bad... either that or i'm not good at english at all
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