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    thanks guys :3 @Linz my old name back in the...

    thanks guys :3

    @Linz my old name back in the old MT was Inoshikacho, (which i then shortened to Ino in MT 2.0) i left around the time MT had the site renovated so yeah :3 still havent gotten used...
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    The Art of the Wannabe Dreamer (lui)

    its been some time since i've ever posted art in a forum before :I

    so i guess i'll start with my art back all the way in 2008-2010 when i was in old MT...
  3. Magandang araw sa inyong lahat! (thats a greeting in filipino '_' )

    woah, this site's change since the last time i visited :O

    uh... where do i begin....

    i was actually a really old member here before. (like 2007? 2008? i dunno DX) my old username was...
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