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  1. >>Yes, I should've thought of that. Ah, how...

    >>Yes, I should've thought of that.
    Ah, how shall I do it? Shall I post a link?
  2. Bumping once again!~

    Bumping once again!~
  3. Bumpin' this thread~

    Bumpin' this thread~
  4. Yep! Thank you~! ~T - - - Updated - - - I...

    Yep! Thank you~!

    - - - Updated - - -

    I sent you a short message just now. =D
  5. Requesting manga artists for manga creation. Any style welcome~!

    Manga Name: Fukanodesu(subject name to change)
    Synopsis: Hanadora Takashi, a fifteen year old, second-year, school drop-out who goes through a number of dangerous events that are closely related to...
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