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05-31-2011, 12:05 PM
alright these are three mangas i just thought up and pulled out my ass, i have no drawing experience what so ever if i did i would of drew them and not have been on her talking.

Now my first one is about a boy, who wakes up to eat breakfest,which is cup ramen and milk but he opens the top and finds a ring in it he looks at the ring and suddenly feels the urge to put it on,but doesnt and leaves on the table and goes to school,he comes home and finds his sister isnt thier, and the ring isnt on the table anymore either.so hes goes into his sisters room and finds a man trying to to strngle her from behind to get the ring in her hand so he grabs a lamp and hits him with it and knocks him to the ground. the ring drops out of her hand on to his finger and they get transported into the future where thier are flying cars ect. and when they arrive the police show and and try to confiscate the ring. short story gov leaders is evil wabts the ring to controll the world but guy has it they create a underground rebel group to stop him, now they are going against the gov with guns swords rings ect.

Now this is a typical jump type manga a boy Koby shenshi, who is a street hudlem and has green hair is the toughest guy in the neighborhood and has to beat up lots of ppl becuase of his biologically green hair, he doesnt work but lives by himself and secretly gets checks from the government. but he thinks his landlord is just a perverted old lady who likes him but she really is a government agent sent to give him free things so he will lead a happy life and not asks questions.so he has to fight different hoodlum gangs on his way to school every day put he only uses his palms not his fist.becuase he likes a girl he grew up with since a child and she said she his knuckles are the best part of his body so he keeps them perfect just to talk to her.but on one day walking to school he finds a big guy standing in front of him asking him to hit himhe tries the guys body is as hard as steel.he gets beat up but leave a dent in the boys skin which make a dent and before he gets finished a mysterious person saves him.he wakes up and gets told by a long hair man that the reason his hair is green becuase he is a government experiment tested since his birth becuase his parents were high gov scientist and tested experments on themselves that involve universal things like stars and orginisms from the galaxy.they gain a power to controll the six natural elements from this and pass this traight on to him but they both get physical changes and die from the experements due to the foreinity of the organisms in thier bodies but before they die they bear a child.and tthe organisms. and he is born with powers of a planet simular to earth that exploded and its energy was caught and injected into the parents like so he can controll raw energy from his body.he is told all this and is told that now that he knows how to use these powers the gov will be coming after him so he needs to prepare. i also have the same characters but different plot and setting one where comets fall from the sky and kills his fam but gives him powers but one the shogunite figures he has them they are going to catch him and use him for gov purposes, he teams up with others like him and fights the shogunite.dont know which one is better i think the shogun one is.

anyway.this manga is a gag manga bout a pervert superhero who uses his powers for sexual purposes actuall heis actually a villan and gets stop by a superhero and they keep on going at ending with the super hero winning each time.told from villans perspective.

next one is a surfing manga dont know what to do eith the story yet.i have many more but dont know yet .....................soooo, what do you think?:cat_see:

05-31-2011, 07:30 PM
Hm some interesting ideas, but need a little work, like for the first one: what exactly does the ring do(Control time, shoot lasers, etc..)? And is it the kid that gets sent to the future that creates the rebel group, if so how would he know how to survive and recruit people if he just arrived in a futuristic dystopia?

2nd story sounds like an interesting idea aswell but there's a lot of things that don't add up, like I'm confused why his girlfriend would only care about his knuckles why not the whole hand or better yet why not his exotic green hair? lol Also why would the government pay his landlord to give him free stuff if they wanted to capture him to begin with? Also wouldn't Koby have eventually died too if his parents died from the experiments and passed those genes on to him or is this that going to be a future plot twist?

Again you have some awesome ideas you just gotta work out a few kinks here and there :cat_see:

05-31-2011, 11:35 PM
yea i thoght about it the future one would involve the ring controlling some sort of macanism in his arm like a whole arm with superpmore powerful he becomes the more powerful the arm becomes and spreads to his whole body, i also though the ring,instead of transporting him to the future it transports him into a big co0lorful castle as big as a whole country and a man appears who will give him three wishes he wishes to be the strongest man in the world, once done he passes out and wakes up in his room on his way to school he meets a boy who asks him about last night and did anything wierd happn to you involving a ring,he tells him the story,come to find out the boy asking the questis a alien and the ring was his and how he came to earth to protect it so it wouldnt be destroyed like his home planet was,he becomes histerical and tries to attack the boy with a knife but without knowing his strength the boy punches him and he flies into the street in front of a moving truck but out of knohere a guy comes and saves him, the guy turns out to be his other alien friend with the power to teleport so he teleports him to saftey.the other alien more calm then the other one talks it out with the boy and tells him he has two more wishes to amke with the ring.but he better chose wisely becuase sooner or later the aliens will come and destroy the earth he then wishes that the whole world had super powers but it was a many ppl in the wish to make it work so he asks to make some of the ppl in his nieghborhood to have them instead and that somehow they would meet and defend the earth somehow,then he wishes for thealiens to forget about the earth and destroying it but the ring says he can only controll his wishes on earth since his first wish was made thier.so instead he wishes that he would be the srongest of the other ppl with super abilities to protect the earth from the invaders to be.and he is saved by a guy who hates the govment and persuaded to make a rebel army by him. and for the koby one hismother would be pregnent and have a baby before she dies after the birth is over she and the father give up the will to live they had when she was preggo and dies.but yeah what about the gag and surfing idea?and which one do you like best the modern version of the green hair boy or the feudal idea?

05-31-2011, 11:38 PM
and the saved by a guy after the second ring idea was for the first one.

06-01-2011, 05:10 PM
Hm I don't know the second one with the wishes makes like no sence at all, if he's the worlds strongest man why wouldn't he just kills the aliens on his own he wouldn't need a resistance force, and why 3 Why not have the friendly aliens as refugees living on earth and have a group of people with their own individual rings given to them by the aliens to fight the invaders for survival and as they accumulate experience their rings level up in power and whoever makes it to the final level gets 1 wish(with limitations), 3 is too much. That would be pretty cool.

The story with Koby still needs work, I still don't understand why she would only care about his knuckles and not his hair?! lol and that still didn't answer my question about how he's alive if his parents were injected with a gene that killed them and then passed them onto the son wouldn't he be at risk of dying too because he has those genes.

I don't have much to say about the gag comic except maybe have the bad guys actions vary from just perverted stuff, for example in one strip he could attempt a bank robbery the next he could try sneaking into the womens bath lol. And I'd need more details for your surfing comic idea.

06-01-2011, 05:25 PM
Text walls.

The first plot has a enormous lack of sense. Why the ring was in a cup of ramen? Why the ring would take them to the future? (if is so, then there is technology for time travel, which mean it create a time paradox or the time paradox itself can be prevented) If the sister has the ring why she didn't went to the future? The guy who attack her want the ring (obviously), which mean he knows about time travel, which mean he doesn't need it, then why he want the ring? Why in the future there is a bad leader (we are assuming that whole humanity is under the rule of one individual)? And so many other problems are born with this. But it has a good easy point and its that the steps of "Normal World" and "The Call of the Adventure" are easily pointed (but the call of the adventure is forced, which doesn't let the character to accept it or reject it).

The second plot is more common, but still need a lot of work.

06-01-2011, 08:38 PM
If he's worried about his hands, why not just use his legs and feet? That's more logical (IMO). Though the palms thing is a lot more ... Interesting.

06-02-2011, 09:51 PM
I agree wit teh Bacon

06-02-2011, 11:39 PM
he would be the strongest man in the world,not the universe but good points on the feet things i guess he loves his sneakers so he doesnt want to mess those up either.