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05-31-2011, 03:47 AM
'In the beginning, the world was devastated. A plague unlike anything ever before seen, took humanity. Thousands upon thousands perished in what was known as, 'The Dark Ages', but it was not the plague itself that killed people, no it was what happened to those infected. Humans went through a vicious metamorphoses, turning into what was no longer or could be called human. The Karörlum, the people started calling them, a curse from gods who grew jealous of humanity.
More than half the worlds population fell because of these Karörlum, for they would kill and eat those unchanged, but something happened. In the year 3526 A.K. Out of nowhere, humans with the strength and speed appeared to combat against the Karörlum. Not much was known how they received such a gift, only that they named themselves, 'The Contracted' Great warriors they were and so began the rise of humanity and the years known as, 'The Golden Age'
Man grew and prospered in Haram once again because of these warriors. They were soon treated as holy knights and respected in all the lands, but in time people grew to fear them, for not all chose to use their gifts for good and in the year 5452 A.K, Kings and religious leaders branded them as heretics and monsters and hunted them like animals and so the knowledge of 'The Contracted' all but disappeared in the later years. Nowadays though, in the 7000's these people are seen with amazement for the old stories are no longer told and the fear once held has gone.
For now, they are again seen as great warriors to help combat against the Karörlum.'
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And thats the prologue of Age of the Fallen, short but hopefully it gets peoples attention. Umm, for those who remember I was doing this comic all ready and uploading it here, but I changed it too many times and thought....lets just start again and so I have. I hope to upload pages soon but we will see. OHHHHH, and here are some brief explanations on certain things said in the prologue....first

A.K: This means, ' Ahrül Karörlum which translates to After the Karörlum...simple.

Haram: It's what the people call the earth.....so it means Earth....

Ummm, if anything else you want to know just ask and I'll answer. Here also, I'm showing the south, east part of Amroa(the country the story is set in) because this is where the story starts and I'll upload the other parts later.....(and by later I mean drawn hahahahahaha)


06-16-2011, 08:28 PM
Looks good bro, I wanna see some more amazing artwork!

06-16-2011, 11:22 PM
haha cool cant wait to start reading this ^^

06-17-2011, 07:18 PM
hmm.. >.< looks good.. is Kar&#246;rlum looks like humans? or exactly monstrous?
it seems like most of your ideas came from RPG games >.<