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So uh...hi I guess. I haven't been on MT lately, mainly because all my teachers rushed our finals into the last few weeks, so it's just been one test after another, (I have three tests next week) not to mention that I've also been studying for my high-school entrance exam at the end of this month. All in all, it's been pretty busy for me lately, but that's not the point. I'm here to ask a question, a pretty simple one at that. Well, here it is:

I have two manga ideas set up, and I want you to select which one that you think is dominant over the other in terms of the plots.


1) 14 Years ago, a select few children received injections as new-borns. Fast-forward to present day. Five of these children are going to the same class, just being...normal. Then, by the odds, an army of aliens create a worm-hole to travel to Earth, seeking weapons. As to why they seek them - these aliens do not own much weapons, however the weapons they do own are extremely effective against humans. The children that were injected 14 years ago are immune to these effects, as they are the only force Earth has against the aliens.

2) An average high-schooler is fed up with life. He's constantly bored of education, his friends, and his family - life is tasteless for him. When this child wakes up late and accidentally takes the wrong turn to his school, he ends up in a mysterious forest. Exhausted beyond belief, and completely lost, he notices a small light and is captivated by it. As he follows it, he notices a glowing wall. When he collapses on to said wall, he is warped to a land far beyond human recognition. To find his way back home, he must find all of the mysticals orbs. Life may become tasteful for him after all.


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I think this should be in the manga works or creator's corner section.

Also, it's incredibly hard to choose since both seem like ideas done loads and loads of times and the quality of it really would depend on the characters and atmosphere, and the way it's written.

But I think I'll say no. 2.

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Yeah, I guess they both seem like they've been done millions of times, (probably because they have been done millions of times) but I'm hoping to expand on one of them in particular. I've written up the story for number 2, and it seems okay to say the least. If it helps to make a judgement, here's the first five "chapters" of no. 2:

Chapter 1: The Wrong Path.
The leaves rustled in the broad daylight, the grass seemed to whistle familiar tunes. It seemed as if it was a perfect day, everything was going great. That is, until I realized I was running late for school. "Ryan! Get up!" my voice bellowed. I wiped my eyes, "Geez! We're twins but you don't think like me at all Flint!" I screamed back. There was a mili-second of silence before "my" voice picked up again, "Yeah Ryan, you're right - I will never think like a slacker." My head was about to blow, "You better shut up!" Flint snorked, "Well I'm getting a head-start. See you at the finish line slacker." Flint's bony fingers slammed the door shut. God, he was such a jerk. I jumped to my feet and walked to my drawer. I pulled out my school uniform - A white button-up shirt, a black tie, a black vest and black pants. I threw the shirt up over my undershirt, and the pants over my boxers. As I was buttoning up, I hopped over to my counter. Ok, good, I had my books already in my backpack. I swiftly tied my tie and wore the vest over that. I snatched my backpack and ran to the kitchen. All that was left was my dad's semi-finished toast. Too bad for dad. I swiped up his toast and bit on it, holding it in place with my teeth. As I ran out of our front door, I put on my back pack. The only problem now was my time. Dad usually drove us to school, but our car wouldn't start for the past two days - and I never memorized the road to my high school. Oh well, it shouldn't be too confusing. I ran at a much faster pace now, and I chomped down vigorously on my toast. Ring!!! Huh? The bell! Ok, that's a good sign - it means I'm not completely late and all I have to do is follow that bell's sound. As the time ticked by, I realized I've taken a detour. The faces started to grow less and less familiar, until it got to the point where there were no faces and just a forest ahead of me. I was so screwed. As my pulse raced at a much higher rate than it should have, two roads were ahead of me. One of them shone with golden sunlight, and it looked as though it was the purest thing in the world. The other path was desolate, and shone no light whatsoever. Out of everything I've learned from this world, it's that most things are deceiving - so I had sympathy for the desolate path. I rushed into it, hoping to find at least one person. As I walked deeper and deeper into it, less and less light was revealed, and it got to a point where I couldn't see my own palms when placed in front of me. I was thinking about turning back, but in the small, miniscule moment I made that decision, I saw a small speck of light in front of me. Was something else in here? I started to silently panic, but the light was also relaxing at the same time. It started to move, ,and I felt as if it was dragging me with it. The little piece of golden light somewhat hypnotized me into following it, and before I knew it, the light started growing. Have I found an exit? I walked further, allowing the light to guide me, to show me the correct path. I followed it until my knees almost gave in. As I wondered where it was taking me, I realized the light grew - and that I've reached a dead-end. Only extremely tall stone-walls were in front of me. Perfect - the light disappeared, I reached a dead-end, AND I was tired beyond belief. This was my end. As I fell to my knees, my hand touched the stone wall. Huh? It started to glow! The whole stone wall was a gleaming green! Huh? My hand! I stared, horrified, at what was happening to my hand. It started to dissolve, but something wasn't right - I couldn't feel the pain. What was happening?!

Chapter Two: The Utter Confusion.
The stone wall was starting to devour my entire arm. As the painless disintegration trickled down my right arm, I had millions of thoughts flowing through my head - Was I going to die? Did the light I placed so much faith in deceive me? Why couldn't I feel this pain? Even through all this, I realized that if I wanted this to stop, I had to do something, not just sit there watching my own brutal end. I tried to pull back - no use, I was tired to the point where I even struggled to move my head. Back to reality. I watched helplessly as the brutality moved on to my shoulder - but I wasn't touching the wall. There had to be something off - I can't feel pain and the wall shimmered green when I layed my palm on it. After taking my hand off of the wall with the last bit of energy I had left, it still started to "evaporate" the rest of my body. I rolled my eyes toward my torso - half of it was already gone! With my last ounce of remaining energy, I threw myself back in to the soft, cushioned blades of grass. If I was going to die, might as well die comfortably. I guess thats an example of why people call me slacker. My mind froze as the last part of my body disappeared - my eyes...

Splurch! Clash! Gah! Huh? I slowly moved my right hand - it was back! No, wait - my entire body was intact! I stood up and took a look at the grass I was dying in - but something was wrong. The stone wall - it was gone. This couldn't be the same place where I so desperately tried to survive. Csshack! Huh? A slightly high-pitched sound came from my left. I tilted my head to my left, as quick as possible. What I saw was blood-curling. For to my left were people, some with weapons - some without, attacking each other, fighting to their own bloody demise. Something else that caught my attention was a small little object one man held in his hand - it looked like a small sphere, an orb. The small object started to glow green when he lifted it into the air - the same green that stone wall was. I was shocked for a second, but then I realized that there had to be some connection between this orb and the stone wall. After lifting the orb into the air, and after the greeen shine, something unbelievable happened. In front of my very eyes the small orb started to crack - and the light went crazy. Everywhere was surrounded in that green color, the color that swallowed my entire body and spit me out here. After the blinding light was gone, the next thing I saw was a town full of blood, the only survivor being the man who lifted the orb into the air. He moved his attention over to my direction, and pulled out a sword from the scabbard on his back. He held it with one hand, and pointed the tip toward me...

Chapter 3: The World Ahead
I took a semi-step back, my mind comprehending my situation. I had no weapon, no defense, and he had that special power that shattered my body, plus the sword. I decided to run back, but I couldn't. My entire body was paralyzed, frozen in the fear of going into that light again and ending up somewhere else - maybe even somewhere worse. Maybe I should have listened to Flint when we were kids. He always said to turn back when you didn't know where you were...well that and to never touch his lunch money. Well, I never did either of those things, so if I'm going to die, so be it in this soft grass, this welcoming hill. As the victorious warrior charged toward me, I knew that my doom was inevitable - but I sincerely hoped the best for everyone I left behind. All my dreams, hopes, and loved ones lied back in my home world. Just as he was about to pierce my chest with that gargantuan sword, time froze. At first I believed for it to be just my mind playing a trick on me, something sentimental - but it wasn't. Time was really standing still, and I seemed to be the only thing that was capable of understanding and taking control of this. I walked up to the man and grabbed his hand, slowly pushing his fingers with one hand and clutching the sword in the other. The sword was quite deceiving - all show and no performance, it was extremely light. However, you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. I decided the scabbard would come in useful, so I looted that in addition to my newly obtained sword. In the very moment I put on the scabbard, I felt as if the world was mine - as if nobody could defeat me. I shouldn't have endulged myself in so much pride, but I couldn't help it. Before going into the crimson-bloody town, I just remembered the small orb he held. I had to take that if I wanted to survive in this world, or at the very least understand what it is used for. As I turned back, a small, cool breeze swept over my entire body. It felt nice after almost dying twice, but something felt off. As I turned back to claim the orb, I noticed the man was moving, in fact he was running away! Great - more action... I pumped my surprisingly energetic legs toward the somewhat overweight man, and realized that with my slender figure I should catch up to him. In about ten seconds, I was running side-to-side with him, and decided to put out the sword. I pointed the tip toward him. "Get down!" I exclaimed, hoping for him to fall back. As he fell down I drew the sword closer toward his head, allowing the finely sharpened tip to touch his forehead. "P-Please spare my life!" the man squealed with an extremely frightened expression on his face. I smirked my devious smile, "That small object you used - I want it." He was hesitant, but tried to deny the facts at hand. "W-What object?" he asked, moving his eyes left to right. Liars are so easy to catch, "If you play dumb, I will shove this through your puny head. Now fork it over." The man started freaking out, and looked like he was ready to cry, but he ended up giving me the orb. "Nice doing business with you." I said as I walked toward the town, putting my sword into its scabbard. This was going to be one insane ride...

Chapter 4: The Thick Bark.
I lifted my head up, letting out a sigh of relief. I spent the last night in a local inn, and got a little lucky. I found a thick, yellow-paged book that had information on these orbs! I pulled my sword out, and decided to at the very least hone my skills in battle. The was a small forest up ahead full of enormous trees, just waiting to be chopped down. I smiled my half-faced grin, and rushed swiftly into the forest. As I was getting closer and closer to the tree, I stuck out my sword, holding it in both hands. When my menacing blade was about to encounter the trees rough bark, I shoved all my strength into my arms. K-Thunk! Hm? That was odd - my sword didn't do much to the tree. I went back a step to examine the damage. As I kneeled down to peer in the bark, the cold dew moistened my knees. When I looked back at the damage that was caused, it seemed as if a mental bullet pierced my understanding - the was a measly, puny scratch on the tree. I realized that if I wanted to do more damage I had to do two things: One, improve my experience with this sword. Two, find a better sword, and fast. I decided to strike again, but I barely managed to scratch the tree's bark this time, even with all my strength flowing through the sword. I took a step back, and striked again...

I was down to my last ounce of energy. I was on the verge of destruction, but this was no time to give up on this. I sliced half-way through the tree, and nightfall was approaching. This wasn't good - based on the sweat I'm shedding and the approaching cold, I could fall severely ill. However, I still had to chop that tree down. It's no use! You spent an entire day to chop down half of a tree! You can't finish it before nightfall! Just turn back! I couldn't stop... Just give up! You can't do it, it's impossible! I kept on slicing and slicing... Put yourself out of this misery! Just finish it tomorrow! My knees buckled as I swung my only companion... You can't do it...Slacker. My pulse quickened. I loosened my grip on the sword I held so dearly. My knees finally gave in as I fell into the frozen dew of the grass that seemed so soft just yesterday. My hourglass was up and I drowned in my sorrow - nightfall was here. It all seemed to be over - but like I said, this was no time to give up. I moved my right hand picked up my sword. My muscles were aching beyond belief. I pulled myself together and managed to stand up. I shoved my sword toward the bark. "Gahhh!" I screamed in pain, while putting one hand on my stomach to endure the pain. Slacker! My anger drove me insane - I was blinded by wrath. I drove my sword into the tree, hoping to do more than a simple scratch. My anger and hope collided, causing persistance. I swung my sword, pulling back in pain once more. You can't do it. My optimism lowered and raised in different ways. I slashed my sword one final time before falling back into the freezing grass. There was a moment of silence in my mind, and in the entire world around me. Slacker! Slacker! The voice was right - I was a slacker. However it's not because I gave up on everything else I experienced throughout life - it's because this time I stayed down. I shut my eyes - maybe for a final time - before allowing the cold, freezing dew to swallow my body whole. Slacker! Slacker! Sla...cker..Sl...ker...l..c..r.....

Chapter 5: The Biggest Surprise (In the Smallest Package)
I woke abruptly, wiping my eyes. Huh? I was in the inn where I slept in yesterday - how was this possible. I also had a change of clothes, a thick T-shirt, jeans, and some neon-green colored sneakers were in place of my boring school uniform. My scabbard was also removed from my back and placed to my right, on top of my bags. I decided be a little cautious, so I pulled out my sword and walked outside of my room. "Hello?" I said in a semi-raised voice, just enough not to let out a scream. I took a miniscule step forward and asked once more, "Hello?" Tsha-k! A small sound came from the end of the hall. I held my sword in a more defensive stance, "Who's there?" Tshiiik-kaa! "You wouldn't know who I am, so why ask who's there?" a small voice came from the end of the hall, "Now can you help me out? I'm in a bit of a jam!" Hmm. Now that I listened a bit harder, the voice was more toward a childish, muffled tone. I decided to pull down my gaurd and walk to the end of the wall, "Where are you?" There was a small moment of silence, then the voice resumed, "To your left. Can you hurry? I can't really breathe." I turned to my left and saw a tall, metallic door. I grabbed the golden knob and twisted it, clockwise. Before I had time to react, a gargantuan pile of boxes fell on top of me. "What's this?" I asked, struggling to get out of the boxes. "Boxes, duh. What does it look like?" the voice said in a smart-alec tone. "From here it looks like darkness. Infinite darkness." The childish voice laughed, "Haha! You're funny! Thanks for helping, guess I should help you again, right?" I thought for a second, "What do you mean by again?" A box was lifted from my left leg, "I mean I found you totally wasted in the forest and brought you here. I've been living here since, like, forever." This person seemed trustworthy, "Why are you helping me?" Two more boxes were removed from my left leg, "Duh, isn't it obvious? You're human, and so am I. No, scratch that - all you have to be is living and I'll help." I moved my left leg to my right, knocking a few boxes off of my right leg, "You know, I haven't even seen you yet, how old are you?" A few boxes were removed from my chest, "How old am I? Well I'm turning 9 in three months. A shock filled my mind. He was only 8, yet he was able to care this much for humans, and save my life. Within the next minute, all of the boxes were removed off of my body, the only one remaining was the one on my head, "I'm quite eager to see you. The second I remove this box off of my head, all shall be revealed to me." A chuckle came from my right, "It makes no difference to me dude." I chuckled back, "Alright then. Here I go!" I threw the box off of my head and jumped up into the air. What was to my right was a small boy with a pink bandanna with blonde bangs poking out below it, an oversized lime-green T-shirt, baggy pants and a mallet tied to his back. "Yo, 'sup." he said in a calm, collected voice. I quickly rushed into my room. I walked to the small desk beside the bed I slept in and unzipped my brown bag. I stuck my hand inside and pulled out the small orb. I shoved it into my pocket and rushed back to where the boxes were, to find the boy playing a video game. "Yo!" I exclaimed, "Do you know anything about these?" I pulled out my orb and flashed it at him. The boy turned his attention to me and stuck his left hand in his baggy pocket, pulling out an orb, "Yeah. I know all about 'em..."

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