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04-09-2011, 05:09 AM
I wanted to wait until I had something going before I share it, but after sitting down and trying to get stuff time and time again, I've come to one conclusion. I just don't have the patience to write out a full story or take on a big project of sorts. However, I'd still like to share my ideals. So, I present to you an outline of a zombie story I came up with featuring the very original title you see up above.


After losing his job and getting in a subsequent fight with his wife, Matthew Walker gets drunk at a bar and passes out. He awakens the next day to find the city in the midst of a zombie outbreak.

After making his way back to his wife who has been bit, they hear that a nearby stadium is serving as an emergency shelter and they leave immediately. On the way there, their car is stolen at gunpoint when they try to stop for gas.

They attempt to continue on foot, but don’t have much progress, and they are forced to go into a restaurant. While inside, Matthew’s wife succumbs to the bite and turns into a zombie. Rather than kill his own wife, he slips outside the back door of the restaurant and into an alley.

He finds himself trapped in the alley by zombies when Ryan, an officer, guns them down and saves Matthew. Together, they continue on to the shelter where Ryan was also headed.

Once at the shelter, they find the place overrun by zombies. Despite this, they go inside to look for supplies. After salvaging what they can find, they take refuge inside an apartment building.

The next day, Ryan leads Matthew to a gun store. There, they find the owner and a worker still alive, but they are unwilling to help and force them to leave. After stepping outside however, the worker feels bad and hands them a handgun and a box of ammunition he managed to sneak out behind the owner’s back.

Their next stop is a road leading out of town, but they find that the military is blocking it off. Not willing to take any chances, they will not let anyone through. Having no luck, they decide to head back to the apartment they spent the previous night in.

The following day, Matthew comes up with a plan to go the news station and look for a news helicopter. Due to the size of the building, they are unable to tell what’s on the roof from the ground and are forced climb their way up. Once up, they find the roof to be empty. Before leaving though, they see a military helicopter flying around, and then it crashes.

They immediately set out to the crash site. There, they find one of the soldiers to be still alive but unconscious. They carry him into a nearby building to rest. He thanks them after he wakes up.

Apparently a zombie had somehow gotten on the helicopter and in the ensuing struggle, the pilot was killed and then they crashed. The officer reveals that there are more helicopters in the military base in the city, which is where he came from. However, the place is overrun with zombies. They rest up for the remainder of the day and head out the next day.

After arriving at the base and making their way to the helicopter, the soldier instructs them to wait there while he goes inside to do something. After leaving them, the soldier heads deep into the base and finally arrives at some kind of lab area.

Being curious, Matthew and Ryan follow the soldier in and come across the lab, which contains among other things, indications that tests have been going on for quite some time on the zombies. After the discovery, they confront the soldier about it.

He reveals that he was sent to retrieve research data. His team already had it, but it was lost in the ensuing crash. He says he doesn’t know the details of what was going on, but it would appear that the zombie outbreak did indeed happen because of the experiments at the base. However, the zombies didn’t originate there. The first zombified subjects were reportedly found not made.

They decide that they don’t have time to argue over it there and go back to the helicopter. Once in the air, the soldier tries to enter a code that would let them leave the city without being shot down, but they discover that radio doesn’t work, and they are shot down.

After the crash, Matthew crawls out of the wreckage having survived. However, the noise of the crash has attracted all of the nearby zombies. Angry and having given up on escaping, he charges head on into the approaching horde.

05-10-2011, 10:37 AM
Seems interesting enough, if not generic. My main fear is the amount of "filler" events that have no relevance other than the fact that they would realistically happen i.e searching the shelter, climbing the building for a helicopter. If you did write these scenes, you would need to create an element of suspense to make it worth the reader's while.

When planning your stories, think like a reader. How does this scene develop the characters? Move the plot along? You have some good content, and I realize this is just an outline so I expect it to be general rather than specific. It just didn't stand out for me.