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01-29-2011, 11:15 AM
Geez~ posting my art works here is kinda embarrassing! I'm shy! there are tons of fellas here with great hands of creation, and putting my works next to those pretty shameful for me. hehe! sorry for not having much confident. haha! however, I'm pretty confident that my works are not the least if compared to some who have threads here. some fellas who have threads in here have, well, I don't wanna be mean so let's just call is NOT_NICE. but those two two combined words are not enough to describe my opinion but, anyway never mind. those NOT_NICE art works has nothing to d with my works.

YOSH! this will be the first three.



you can also see those three on my profile. that is my OC. I tried to illustrate the story on my mind where that OC belongs but, I thought that, IT was very hard to illustrate a mecha manga traditionally so I gave up. IT"S TOO PAINFULL! but some day when the right time comes, where I already have my own computer for drawing, I will draw it!

01-29-2011, 11:36 AM
I really like that first picture of yours. It has really clean lines and you seem to have a good grasp of anatomy (albeit be it stylized to suit manga). Your pictures both seem to suffer from flatness though, this is due to the lack of shading of any kind. This is something you're really going to want to look into. Proper shading can make your pictures more three dimensional.

Another area of critique is your colouring which, to be honest, is quite bad. It seems you have just been using the gradient fill tool to colour the regions, which doesn't really yield good results. If you want to have decent colouring, you're going have to do it yourself. Here's some tutorials from the 'Manga-Apps' group over on DeviantArt. It should be more than enough for your colouring needs.


Have a nice day.

01-29-2011, 08:38 PM
yah yah! great! I like the way you criticize! haha! yeah you're right! on the colored one, I used the gradient tool most. At that time I wast just still getting in used to PS CS2. so, that was all that I was able to do then. Then (until now), I don't have my own PC, I was just borrowing my cousin's so the time really matters. I wasn't able to exert enough time and effort on doing that.
however, I don't think that I'm gonna be able to make a perfectly cool one even if I got the time that I need anyway. Like what I said, I was still trying to get i used to PS CS2. ^^
any way... I think it's not that bad! ^^

what do you mean by lack of shading of any kind? sorry but I didn't get it.
yeah, my lineart was clean. but not quite. ^^ my hand shake couple times and it's flat. that is because I only used a single kind of pen there, the thinnest one, the 0.1. haha! it's just too thin! for your info, I'm just a poor boy who longs to be manga, inspired by anime. ^^ buying manga-ka stuffs are pretty expensive to me! hahah! And about the shading being 3d, I made an effort in making it in 3d. And I don't think that i failed. the problem must be in scanner. that one isn't that pale on the original traditional. However, I think it's still noticeable. As I can see. of course I know how to make a 3D Illusion on the drawing. I made an effort to apply it on that one, however, it was just not quite. It wasn't hyper detailed. so no one can blame anyone if they didn't noticed it.

Pal, I don't contradict all you've said, I respect it and I liked it! I was just sharing my opinions. ^^
thanks for your criticism! looking forward on the next one!

01-29-2011, 09:18 PM
Do you make their bodys and arms long unconcious or is something that you want (probably to acheve some style)?

01-30-2011, 08:18 AM
I stand corrected, there is in fact some shading in your drawing, your scanner has white out your shading a bit, it was really hard to see. To correct this you should be able to fiddle with the shadow, darkness and contrast settings in your scanner menu.

02-07-2011, 10:56 PM
You should try employing some line weight differentiation. Right now, all the lines are one thickness. If you add some thickness here and there, it'll be much easier to differentiate parts of the drawing.

Also, you should try saving your work at a higher quality. You get that pixelated, grainy look otherwise.