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This is my writing thread. Read it and/or you will die.

A/N: This is basically the opening scenes to the second installment of a trilogy of space-faring RPG games that Jaidurn and I are making together. We plan to have this one out by 2020.

The sky was blood red on that awful October day. It shone its pasty field of hate with an awful tinge of green, laced with a menacing white-ish glow that beat itself frightfully upon the faces of its human onlookers. Black dots pierced the sky surrounded by endless streams of terrible black lightning. Swarms of buzzing ships flew around, devouring humans whole from the mangled, pale face of the earth. Insurmountable, painful shrieks of horror saturated the thick, malevolent air, penetrating the thickest of walls with pure venom, constantly secreted by the malign bugs of death that plagued the people. It was utter chaos.

"Admiral, the Protector's signal isn't showing in any nearby star systems. We can't contact him except through-" begun the young Ensign, fresh from Officer Candidate School. Although none of the Officers could be called fresh these days. Humans regularly go through hell every day, eliciting harassment and hate from many members of the other species in the galaxy. Of course, there are always sympathizers, and there are always those who just don't care. But especially because of human colonization in the fringes and beyond Pinnacle space, many colonists and members of the human race had gone and do go through living hell. This had, of course, died down since a human was named a Protector of the Galaxy, but there was no telling how many people the next guy had lost, friends and family, or if and how long he was a slave. The Ensign was cut off by a disgruntled United Interstellar Defense Coalition Commodore, Rear Admiral North. The old UIDC Admiral knew what the except was for.

"I'll be damned if we have to go through the Council to get one of my own damned men to defend his own planet. It'll be a cold day in hell, boy." The Council of Five are well-known by many more 'worldly' humans as the spite of mankind. They barely budged on the issue of allowing human seats into the Galactic Board of Representatives, and a single Senator spoke for men in the Empyrean League. However, Admiral North knew what he would have to do. "Dammit, bring up the console and send a request for emergency contact," he said. "We need Mercer more than ever."


"I'm only gonna ask you this once," spoke a deep, commanding yet quieted voice from the shadows in the corner of the room. A scared and tied man looked up with terrified eyes from the ground where he had been thrown and gagged by two other people. The owner of the powerful voice reached down and ripped the man's muzzle right off of him, tearing off a tiny bit of skin with the force and giving the guy rugburn. "Who's your contact at the spaceport?"

"I-I don't know his name, but you can-" the man's voice trailed off as a string of communication rang through the man with the commanding voice's radio. "Captain, you're being paged by the Council of Five. It seems urgent." The Captain disregarded the message and stared at the man on the ground. "You were saying?"

"U-um, my contact, I don't know his name, but he makes inspection rounds on all his exporting good every-" his voice trailed off again as the Captain's communicator buzzed again. "Captain, this really looks extremely important." The Captain shrugged it off once again. "Continue."

"He comes and inspects his goods every now and again, usually around this time of the-" the man's voice silenced itself once more as the Captain and now his two men's radios exploded with chatter. "Captain! You're needed back at the ship! It's really, really, really, really, really important!" The Captain gestured at his men to not answer back. He urged the man on the ground to continue.

"Around this time of the month he comes and inspects his gear, he usually-" his voice was forcefully cut off this time as the Captain jerked him off of the ground and slammed him against the metal walls with a good manner of force. "You remember those two guys who tied you up and gagged you? Yeah? I'm their Captain. They do whatever I say, and you know why? Because I've earned it. They follow me because they know that people either work with me or step aside, because everyone who stands in my way gets crushed under my heel. I'm gonna ask you one more time, and you better not jerk me around." The Captain reached his hand and grasped a cord from around the man's neck. He yaked it and it snapped right off. It looked like some sort of microphone. The Captain destroyed it in his palm. He raised up his fist and went to strike the man, who was now cowering with his head turned and his palms up in front of him to guard his face.

"Mercer!" a voice burst from behind the Captain and his men. Captain Mercer spun around to acknowledge the man. A man dressed in simple pants with a simple shirt that had a nametag reading "Raymond Clark" pinned to it and a ballcap that read "Galaxy's Best Helmsman " stood in the doorway to the dark room. "The Council is demanding you contact them at once. They have a message to relay from Admiral North." Captain Mercer dropped the man from his grasp and, without even looking back, followed his Helmsman back to the ship.

"Sitrep, Kahn?" the Captain asked his crewmate as they walked hastily. UIDC Pilot Raymond Clark had earned the nickname in basic training, since he was physically weak. Couldn't do more than 30 push-ups, probably. "Apparently something's going on back on Earth. I don't know what, though, they wouldn't say." The group of four reached a large metal hatch attached to a sleek, top-of-the line, prototype-turned-perfect small cruiser. Clark tapped a few times on a holographic interface that appeared on the hatch and pressed enter. The ship's hydraulics hissed as they worked to retract the enormous lifting door, which led into a small room that rained a fine mist of decontaminent material.

"I hate that thing," muttered the Helmsman, now slightly wet and very much perturbed. They made their way through a tight corridor with exposed bits of piping covered by hardened glass and small interfaces for maintenance. The corridor led into a large war room, with a sizable hologram table in the centre of the room that held a realtime map of the galaxy. Surrounding the table were several communication terminals implanted in a radial fashion, with stairs leading to the upper rim in between each terminal, and even more stairwells leading up to a third ring that linked several office spaces. Opposite of the corridor lay the elevator, which took the party to the communication room.

The team made their way to the holo-device interface, where each member of the Council of Five stood, awaiting Captain Mercer. "Protector, we have a message that you may be interested in," spoke the Halcyclan member. "We received word from the UIDC's Admiral North just today," said the Forton member. The Jezereth member spoke up "It's regarding your home planet."

"Crushing news, it is," the Naman member added. "Earth has been attacked by the Salazaar and the Sine. It appears that the threat you have urged us to be weary of has finally proved itself as a definite menace. It is unfortunate that they should target your home planet, Captain," the Athran member concluded. "Fortunately, the Sine and Salazaar have not made any attempts of attack on other Pinnacle races, so our support is on its way. Additionally, the reports are early in, so there is still time left to win the battle for Earth."

"Earth needs you, Mercer," Admiral North interjected, appearing in the hologram space next to the Jezereth member. "I need you. You know that I trust you, Captain. So get the job done."

"Yes, sir," Captain Mercer replied. "Good. Admiral North out," the old man said as he disappeared from the feed. The Athran member gave the Captain a nod and punched out, and the Council fizzled out of feed. "It's worse than I'd thought," Clark stated. "Agreed," said Gunnery Sergeant Jordan Carter, one of the men accompanying Captain Mercer. "C'mon, let's go gear up," said Lieutenant Maurice Mays, another one of the Captain's squad and a close friend of his. They made way to the cargo bay where there gear was.


The sky was a blackened red in that awful October hour. The evil grin of white and green flashes from the surface of Earth beamed up at Rear Admiral North, who gazed at the spectacle of death and destruction outside a reinforced viewport from his Command Center orbiting the Earth. "Dammit," he whispered to himself. "How much longer until they arrive?" The clouds of red with their awful, glowing lace taunted him. They screamed up at him, their voices becoming louded and louder until the Admiral could not bear it any longer, and had to look away. As he did, he noticed a shimmer in the pierced black of space from his back viewport. Followed by that shimmer, a single ship plunged its way through hyperspace and decelerated far over trillions of miles per hour to a slow cruise. Its insignia it bore told it was of Athran command.

Followed by that Athran ship piled in a mass of Athran ships, then Athran cruisers, then Halcyclan and Forton and Jezereth and Naman ships, dreadnoughts and battle cruisers. At the forefront of all the minor fleets combined stood out a single small shimmer that was no less than unmistakable. Out from it shot a dreadnought lustrous and powerful in design, and no less than devastating in weaponry. It was white and black, with hints of orange and a little less than dominance of blue. On either of its exterior read "UIDC HAMPTON," a ship known to all as belonging to the legendary Protector of the Galaxy, Captain James Mercer.

"By the Goddess, she's just what I wanted to see," muttered the Admiral to himself. "Ready the loading bay, everyone!" he beamed, all hands scurrying to prepare the docking bay for receival of the Hampton. Rear Admiral North looked out his viewport at Earth to see that menacing smile glare up at him. He smiled back.


"What's the situation, Admiral?" Captain Mercer inquired. "A lot. You know how the Five wouldn't believe you on the Cylar thing? Well, that one that attacked the Pinnacle wasn't the only one. Not by a long shot. There's one on the planet surface destroying everything and sending out Sine on foot. Our guns can't penetrate it. We've idenitified the exit that the Sine footsoldiers are coming out of, and we think we've gotten it down to a timing. It's set to open in about five minutes, and-"

"You want me to go in, don't you?" interrupted Captain Mercer. Rear Admiral looked up from his holopad and stopped in his tracks, then turned his whole body to Mercer, who turned as well. North placed his holopad in the Captain's hand, who looked down to see the blueprint of the Cylar monster looking right up at him. "Yes."

Rear Admiral North continued his briefing while walking. "We've prepared a small device, it's set to explode and then implode on itself, unleashing a nuclear-powered explosion that contains itself to an area roughly the size of the Cylar, and-"

"You want me to plant the bomb?" asked/stated Captain Mercer. Rear Admiral stopped again and looked at Captain Mercer admiringly. "You're catching on quickly."

"You'll be a part of a ground team put together to take down the Cylar. We've already gotten a crew mustered up who will accompany you to keep the thing planted. See those legs? They'll hold down the damned thing with grapple guns to keep it from taking off again after letting of the Sine troopers. You'll then storm in while another team keeps the soldiers distracted, plant the bomb in its core, and then get the hell out of dodge." The Admiral paused and placed his hands on Mercer's shoulders. "The fate of Earth is in your hands."



"Go, go!" shouted the platoon sergeant of the group that would hold down the Cylar. The platoon broke up into eight squads, one for each of the Cylar's legs, one for the distraction team and the largest one to aid Captain Mercer. Once all in position, they waited behind cover for the Cylar to land and open its doors. As soon as its hatch began to open, they broke out from behind cover and fired massive intelligent-response harpoon cannons, which effectively mounted it to the ground. The seventh fire team flanked the Sine troopers from behind, pinning themselves down and providing a cover for Captain Mercer and his squad to move in.

Captain Mercer motioned towards his squadmates and burst from behind the rubble he was using for cover, followed by his team, and then made a mad dash for the door under the cover of additional troops and vehicles. The Cylar charged its massive beam and fired it, shooting straight through three of the tanks backing Mercer up in one single, continuous shot. Mercer saw the destruction and quickened his pace, now sprinting more than top speed straight for the massive door with his squad. He reached the closing draw-bridge type hatch and jumped with an outstretched arm to grab the legde and pull himself up. He lent out his opposite hand, which GySgt Carter grasped. He then lent his hand to Lt. Mays, but Maurice looked up at the Captain and gave him a nod. The Captain nodded back and pulled Jordan up to the ledge with him, and they both climbed up.

Gunnery Sergeant Carter brushed his suit of the excess dirt that had stuck to his rubber-grip coating on their run. Aergad whipped himself back into shape after the adrenalin rush from the dash. They both readied their weapons. "Fire on sight," Mercer said to Jordan. They progressed hurriedly, but erring on the side of caution through the active Cylar. It seemed to be completely empty, aside from the masses of Sine warriors lined up along the walls of the large bay like products in a classic snack vending machine.

Mercer and Carter proceeded into an elevator at the far side of the bay. They rode it up to the top floor. As they emerged, they found a large vat with a cybernetic brain-looking thing in it. They placed the nuclear device down and assembled it quickly. "Foolish creature," the vat-brain spoke in a deep, raspy voice. "You are the one the creator wants." Mercer looked at the thing with a twisted, confused voice. "What the hell is this? Is this some kind of Virtual Interface?"

"Asinine creature, you were not meant to understand. However, you do. The creator seeks the knowledge you extracted from the core." Gunnery Sergeant Carter stared the 'brain' down intently, before looking back at the Captain. "Mercer, he's probably talking about when you grabbed the Elysium Core after the Cylar forces invaded the Pinnacle and the Seraphic Chamber. Something weird happened to you and you were out for days, but you said you didn't know what happened to you. Maybe it implanted some kind of knowledge in your brain that only humans can understand."

"Your conjecture is valid, vestigial creature. The creator will extract that knowledge from you. The time for talk is over." The hologram shut down, leaving the pair dumbfounded momentarily. "So you're the legendary Captain Mercer," a voice sprouted up from the shadows behind the two. They both turned to the voice, weapons readied. "You're human?" spoke Captain Mercer. The voice chuckled from the darkness. "Close," the body disappeared with a soft thump. It piped up once again, this time in Mercer's ear. "But no cigar, Captain." Captain Mercer spun around, and the wearer of the voice quickly disarmed him and threw him to the ground. Gunny Carter raised his weapon and fired three quick bursts at his opponent. The assailant's kinetic barriers absorbed the blunt firepower like it was almost nothing. He grasped Carter's weapon and tore straight from his hands, then crushed the internal components. The destroyed pieced exploded in his face, but it did little to even faze him. He was a monster.

He grabbed Carter and struck him in several places to stun him, then grabbed him and thrust him onto the ground. He walked over to Mercer who was getting up and snatched him up by the collar-guard. "I'm taking you with me," he said slyly. "Doubtful," said Captain Mercer as he pressed the button on the detonator nuclear device for the one minute timer and threw it across the large room. "What are you playing at?" the monster-ish man asked, as he walked over to crush the detonator. He began to sprint to charge his brutishly powerful legs so that they could break through the thick metal that would otherwise take the equivalent of 2 C4 blasts to destroy. A large explosion hit the ground near the creature, throwing him off-balance. "You bastard thing!" He shouted. He walked over and grabbed Carter and threw him with such force that he pierced the hull of the Cylar and went flying backwards. The monster saw the detonator had only seconds left, so he grabbed Mercer and sprinted out the hole he had made, just barely making it as the device went off and destroyed the Cylar. "Damn it," he thought. "That did not go according to plan." He set down Mercer and shook himself out. "At least the mission wasn't a total loss," he said aloud, facing the now-unconscious Captain Mercer. He picked him up and walked off to a shuttle nearby, and took off.

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The Man Who Could Only Sin
I fade into nothingness
My eyes have blessed
With the face of my sweet and my brave;
The opposite of my own

I slip into the deep
My feelings cut and distraught
Yet the darkness slips into me
And the peace within I find

But this heart isn't warm;
For its insides are torn
And I stare myself down
In the mirror that's worn

Still this carcass of me
Of what all I could be
Is now a could-have-been
As I cry in my sin
With a fire full of glee
Let this fire consume me!

Now the face of my sweet
The very one I have beat
Never shows him a smile
As he shuffles his feet

And now I look at this child
I sit and stare for a while
And my eyes turn to stone
As I yearn to atone
With the rain shooting miles
Let this rain consume me!

I sob to the skies above
As I promise Not Again!
And I stare myself right down
The man painted in sin

I beg the rain to pour
To wash over my rough face
Please scrub, scrub my dirty hands
Cleanse me of my waste

Down there, the sea is all I see
And I wonder if it can really consume me
If not even the rain can wash my sin
Will I just be forced to live again?

I scream at the rocks below
I beg them, barter with me
I connect to them with my filthy face
Please, oh God please set me free
Set them free

As the lights behind me pass
My feet, they hop up with all this weight, can they wait?
Oh, no, no! Let me move!
I hope to Hell I'm never late
Never late ever more

This heart, but this heart isn't warm
And its insides are torn
And I stare myself down
In the mirror that's worn

Still this carcass of me
Of what all I could be
Is now a could-have-been
As I cry in my sin
With a fire full of glee
Let this fire consume me!

Now the face of my sweet
The very one I have beat
Never shows him a smile
As he shuffles his feet

And now I look at this child
I sit and stare for a while
And my eyes turn to stone
As I yearn to atone
With the rain shooting miles
Let this rain consume me! Let these hearts forget me!
Please forget me!

Up there the sky is all I feel
Waiting, watching, for my soul to steal
If the sea just won't do all the things I need
Can I change my mind and fall up?

I fade into nothingness
My eyes have been blessed

The Nomad Part I
Lie in wonder, lie right by my side
Long as we're together, never lose my pride
Faith and courage, holding our bonds tight
Lay beside me, brother, face the blackened night

Without fear
On he runs
Grapple darkness,
Never sun
Hardened wings
Frozen ice
Never, ever
To take flight

On and on and on bleeds this Nomad

Shuttled far from home
From family he's torn
Carries on alone
Fighting out til morn'
He battles for his bread
Battling with his might
He battles 'gainst himself
He battles for his life

Only to survive
From others he must steal
Rich and poor alike
Merely for a meal
Up the chain he moves
More does he desire
And his wings begin to thaw
As he climbs up higher

Lie and gasp, dear, gasp for what I've done
As I sweep this ladder I can feel the sun
The rays are bouncing, all around these walls
And with your strength, brother, never will I fall

With the passing days
Want just strengthens deep
He's playing all for keeps
So he dashes, little plan
For the things which he could face
Wants it any old how
Caring not for grace

Sloppy is the young man's work
Few tracks he has, covered not
The things he can't remember
Yet neither has he forgot
And he sprint, books and runs
Jumps, leaps and bounds
Tries to escape these heavy bars
'Hind which himself has found

On and on and on runs this Nomad

He's freezing cold and spills himself out there upon the table
'Long comes old friends and takes him out, claims he's "Strong and Able"
What has this fortune
Of which he's found
Brought along for him to reap?
He takes it up
He takes it in
Risks never too great to leap

How can I dream on if I'm set up to fall?
Scoured the land for wealth, yet all I've seen is ice
None of which could entice me
So, why should I go?

With a heavy
He decides to leave
Maybe if he moves
He will stop to bleed
Infiltrate again
Yet this time not to hold
Different place, yet still
Knees give in to fold

What he sees within
This familiar cell
Only words from one man
Engulf his soul in hell
With this start now known
Where he has come from
All he has gone through
Questions under thumb

Filled with fear
On he runs
Grapple darkness
Never sun
Shaven ice
Burning, yearning
To take flight

When the fuck will all this end?
I just wanna get the fuck away from myself
You! You!
You fucking cunt!
Tell me, all you fucking know!
Where is he, the one I lay with
Under the black sky
As a babe
Mere a child
Give him to me, you motherfucker!
Hand me my family!
Tell me fucking where!

On and on and on searches this Nomad

These things he hides within himself, on out they bleed on freely
All that he has to question forth, answers died with men he killed
He's run himself
Into the ground
He's locked himself in prison
Within that cell
He does not dwell
But inside his mind he's drowning

Lie and cry here, cry into my arm
Weep with sorrow and despair, for it was you I harmed
The gate has locked up, closing in my heart
If I could just recall your smile, I wouldn't fall apart
I wouldn't fall apart
No, never falling

Pressing fear
Never runs
Grappled darkness
Rising sun
Dripping wings
Liquid ice
Ready to
Explode in flight

On and on and on this Nomad shall soar


I came across a great ruins
Scattered about with entablatures
Fractured and strewn about the open space
Polyglot scrawlings and literature

Maculated engravings on the walls
Spreading at an accelerated race
Paving the way through to something queer
Stranger than what men have ever graced

Rapture of magnitudes not yet forseen
Pouring and filling my empty mind
Erasing all which I had not learned
Quickly as that I had become blind

Fading back into consciousness
Trying to make sense of what I had gained
A mysterious voice called out to me
Listen, for I have that which you wish explained

Your purpose in likfe has shifted
This much I am sure you know
Listen to my blunt instruction
Follow to the letter now and


Then terminate
And desecrate

Swelling up, up inside of me
Magian powers from worlds beyond
Astronomical lucidity
Planets and lives so ephemeral

Sympathomimetic perfection
Absolute mastery of all facade
Physiological mimicry
Guided by hands of the elitist gods

Visions of blackness swarming before my eyes
Winged and mangled creature appeared to me
Speaking aloud in a slithery tone
Go forth and make your and my foes cry and bleen

Use your powers for torture
Utilize me for massacre
Harness the powers of the entablatures
Kill and obliterate; fuck and burn

Make them all pay
Make their blood spray
Slaughter them now
Kill them and rape
Let them all die
Let them all cry
Set them ablaze
Let them all fry


Where is the picture
Where is my mind
Where is the clock
That can give me the time

Where is the beast
Of some 10,000 calls
Who hung forth from the shadows
The picture upon my wall

He is the sins of the father
And he is my own innocence
He is the birthright of fear
That dominates my inheritance
Forge the enchantment
Which shall place him at ease
The one that infected me is the only
One that can cure my disease

Paint it black!

Rip the veil
Burn in hell
Tear me from this empty shell
Crush the skull
Blast the hull
Disembowel this cannibal
If you don't
I will scream
Filling up your vacant dreams
If you dare
Fucking lie
I'll make sure you fucking die

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