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11-02-2012, 01:03 AM
Another timelapse showing the process.

Alright, kicking off this third part that I meant to post a few days ago and was too damn lazy to do with an important word of advice.

DON'T GIVE UP IF YOU'RE SHIT AT IT THE FIRST FEW TIMES. Though a relatively easy technique, the combined skills of thinking creatively and technical at the same time takes a while to master. So you may be able to come up with badass ideas, but can't pull off the technique, or you may be able to draw really really good, but have no clue what you're doing in the way of 'original' ideas. Take your time and don't give up, because that gets nothing done.

I myself have not mastered this style yet, and never will, as there's always more to learn. So practice. It's okay to just doodle about, you should be anyway.

Now. Onto the tutorial, or guide, or whatever the hell it is I'm doing here.

Contrary to some things I mentioned in the earlier parts, once you get a silhouette/shape you really like, you wanna start thinking about it's purpose, what it does, what it's for, wtf is it?
Some people do this spontaneously, like me. I rarely plan a personal piece that far early on, it just happens as I go. Some people have a game plan before they start, and if so, more power to you. My personal reason for not having a plan from the get-go, but instead having a basic 'idea' is that it leaves me open to stray. For example.
For this third part, I wanted to make a battleship of sorts initially, using this as my reference.
http://fsb.zedge.net/scale.php?img=Ny85LzEvOC8xLTg3NDA3MDgtNzkxODQ3My5q cGc&ctype=1&v=4&q=95&xs=620&ys=383&sig=8e6f84ccafad1422dd2f4222fde2d620882b7160
Also using reference from my mental library of nuclear submarines and aircraft carriers.

Now the only thing going through my head during this early stage was to make a battle-hardened warship that had a streamline cruiser look; it's tough, and ready for war. But then I began to change my ideas to show how one would go about suddenly thinking about a different purpose for their design.
I began to think about making it a civilian cruiser, adding different elements, cutting out the middle, smoothing the design. The problem was with the shape, and how it still looked very war-like.
At this point I abandoned the civilian ship idea, and began to think about a miner ship, or a barge.

At a certain point, you want to start thinking about what ideas work with your design, the time, the technology, general ideas of how your creation would work in your world. That's just good concepting, creating something, and making it look believable, and making it 'look the part'.
Granted I think I did horrible on this ship, but it took me forever so WHATEVER.


Level of Detail- Pft, you can get as detailed as you want with these, even turning them into full-on line sketches, or value sketches. I tend to treat them like speedpaints; all I'm looking to do is communicate the idea. It's a matter of preference in the end.

Clarity- Referring to the above, it's really great when a design has a strong silhouette, it just makes everything work that much better. Is that a plane, an enemy, a tank, a car, a person, a cat, you wanna be able to communicate what the hell it is someone's looking at.

One of my buddys and a big influence of mine over at CGFeedback.com works kind of like this, except he models a lot of his work first.
He goes by meanGoreng

Practicing Effectively-
Well, assuming there're any newbies to the game, rule #1 is to not give up. Rule #2 is to do it all the time. Rule #3 is to commit. The more committed and passionate you are, the more you'll progress, and this pretty much goes for everything really.
Buuuut we're talking about silhouettes here, so here's my advice. Think of something, and then do it. Lay down a fat ass blob, and just carve your idea into it, out of it, whatever, treat it like clay and mold it into shape the best you can.

Also don't take what I say word for word, as everyone has their own way of doing things, and whatever works for you works. This is simply how I see things. And hell, I'm not the best person to be making any sort of tutorial cause I just DO stuff, BUT HEY.

I may or may not have two more parts coming up for silhouettes, and that goes over organic concepts using this method. but I need some cooldown time, damn.
Hope these helped some people and whatnot, that's what I did em for.

Anymore questions or if I screwed up somewhere in the tutorial, leave a comment here. On my DA (gunzet.deviantart.com), or PM me. -GZT- 2012

11-07-2012, 05:11 PM
these tuts are all amazing gunz!

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Yes, good stuff! Can I post in the main site?

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Thanks Shadow, hopefully they helped a bit with people wanting some insight into the field and the particular design process.

Also yea go ahead Rio, the more people can see em, the better.

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Also yea go ahead Rio, the more people can see em, the better.
:cat_rosy:Hahah, thanks! Btw, there's this new thing where you can write something about the author. What do you you want me to put in there (if at all)?

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Wooops, a bit late haha.

Erm, I don't mind, I guess if anything you could just say I'm a concept artist, preferred style is sci-f, blah blah.

Or you could just put a link to my DA or MT thread. Whatever works really.

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Alright, thanks!