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08-26-2012, 05:37 AM
Hi Everyone!

Feveryn Ardacia is a series that I want to put on YouTube, with the intent of earning advertising revenue through ads displayed during the episodes (powered by Google Adsense).

You can read the first 3 episodes of the story here:

Now before I continue, let me explain why I think this series can generate an income, and how much of an income.

According to an article on the Forbes website, titled 'Top Careers Launched Via YouTube' (don't know if I'm allowed to link to the article), a YouTube user named VenetianPrincess was listed as someone who turned her YouTube appearances into a career and earns an income through YouTube.

So I found her website, checked the 'About Me' page, and it implies that she earned enough money through YouTube to start her own New Media production company. But her videos have hundreds of millions of views.

Okay, let's look at something smaller... youtube .com/shows has shows available on YouTube, organized into categories. I looked at the 'Animation' category and found a show titled 'Red vs. Blue.'

Red vs. Blue is a machinima series with episodes that are about 3 - 6 minutes long. In season 1, the highest number of viewers is 4.9 million, and the lowest number of viewers is 1.2 million. The season has 19 episodes. I only watched the first few episodes, but they're funny, they have good dialog and voice acting, the directing is great, and the overall production of the series is good. It's good enough to attract an audience. So I looked at the viewer count for season 8. In Season 8, episode 1 had 2.8 million views, but it dropped to roughly 192,000 by episode 18.

Okay, so let's look at actual anime series. FUNimation has a YouTube channel with complete anime series on it. But let's look at Gundam Wing, which is a bit older... (uploaded by AnimeChannel) Gundam Wing aired on TV years ago, but episode 1 was put on YouTube in April, 2010. So since it's been around for a while, and many people might own the DVDs already, I thought it might be a nice comparison. Episode 1 has had about 242,000 views with a low point of about 39,000 views (episode 38), and it's also available through Crunchyroll.

If we assume that 1 view = 1 cent, then Red vs. Blue may have generated several thousand dollars per episode, and Gundam Wing may have generated at least several hundred dollars per episode.

Part of the reason behind Feveryn Ardacia is that I want to use it as an experiment to see how much money it can make through YouTube. But to give it a good shot, the series must have a good production. The story is written up to episode 18, auditions for voice actors are being held right now, and I'm going to approach a composer soon, but this series needs an artist.

I'm not offering pay up front, I'm offering a percentage of the money made through this production. But I don't want to give the artist too much work (I know how long it takes to draw). I can collaborate with the artist on how the series is going to be drawn, in a way that serves the story but doesn't require more time than the artist is willing to put into the production. The artist would get to design... just about everything. But a contract will state that all of the artist's designs belong to the artist, and the artist is licensing those designs to the production for a specific period of time. And if a high-quality production of the series is made (intended for use outside of YouTube), the artist will be offered the job of Art Director or Production Manager.

I'm looking for an artist who is a good visual storyteller. An artist who can draw subtlety and emotions (facial expressions and body language). Some images can be reused, and the artwork doesn't have to be extremely detailed, but I need an artist who can draw emotion and is a good visual storyteller. And I need an artist who can draw the episodes on a weekly basis. The contract will be for the first 18 episodes (possibly renewed for more episodes).

The episodes were written in screenplay format, not comic layout format. So if you're not sure how the story will be presented in the art, we can discuss that. I estimate that the series will need about 20 - 30 images per week.

I registered a company for this, and everything will be spelled out in legal contract. The artist would be a self-employed individual who is leasing content to the production. The copyright of the script has already been registered.

If you're interested in this production, or have any questions or concerns, please contact me!

Thank you!

08-26-2012, 02:21 PM
My Deviant Art, so you can judge my style (it has obviously changed with time, so older works look retarded).

Personally for my what takes the most amount of time is painting, as I work mostly traditional and do digital cleaning, so it takes way more time to produce painted works.

I don't like the idea that you get payed a % of the income, because the transparency of it can be manipulated. Also because you said you trust in this, so paying a commission to artists shouldn't be big of a deal (also it give you more control over your product).

Finally, I recommend you to look at more artists, as its a lot of work, get a director for the artists (you can do this job your self, but I guess you are also going to be making the edition, general direction and production) and always remember that average audience is not willing to look at image that last more than 5 seconds (I know this is a lie, and you can do images that prolong the interest time, but its easier this than explain all the other option).

08-26-2012, 08:34 PM
Hi ClockHand!

The contract will state that everyone involved in the production can request to look at the bookkeeping that pertains to their portion of the income, at any time. And I will provide the raw data from YouTube on how much the episodes are earning. I want to make this transparent for the artist and voice actors, because I know that it would be so easy to cheat someone with this type of deal. So I want to in the contract that the voice actors and artist are allowed to look at the bookkeeping, as it pertains to their portion of the income.

What does that mean?

They get to see the gross (the actual data from YouTube), the company expenses, and the percentage of profit that they are getting from each episode. With that information, it should be enough to make sure that you're not being cheated, without showing you exactly how much money everyone else is making.

But 'how much everyone else is making' can be guessed, based on the number of voice actors and if any of them tell you what percentage of the net they're earning. Gross - expenses = net, and all the voice actors, artist, composer, etc. will get money from that net.

That being said, this is a 'zero budget production' and the series doesn't really have any monthly costs, so the gross should be near equal to the net.

As for colour, I would like one picture of each character in colour, for reference, and perhaps a single colour image for the opening of each episode, but the rest of the episode can be in black and white, with gray shading.

I knew that colour would take time, and I don't expect the artist to draw the episodes in full colour. A black and white series, like most manga series, would be fine.

I just checked your DA, and you put A Lot of detail into your work. Which is great! ...But I'm not going to expect that much detail for this series. I don't it takes you, but it looks like it would take a while. Even the pictures in the sci-fi album.