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06-21-2012, 07:18 PM
Here are my best images. I would like you to please give your best critique on them, but don't be too harsh.




06-21-2012, 08:06 PM
Advanced critique? the best critique? not being harsh? you are asking too much.

First one. The painting technique doesn't blend with the design; with this I mean that the painting style is a better match for high resolution images or that try to be more canva painting than anime painting. Which by the thick lines on the character is just a draw back. Also the design on the character and the secondary elements is kinda messy, you have for one side thick straights lines that have no variation on the perspective or elements that are placed in different levels of dimension, while the character is made by a less thick lines but messier and uncontrollable. Also the character is not well centered, making one side weight more than other. The color choice is good, red haired in contrast of blueish water, and even the sweater is pink, but the t-shirt under it has the same color than the water, I would suggest to pick a different color. Finally, have more control over measures, as it seems now the whole design of the character seems nonexistent.

Second image. Same deal with the painting technique in the previews image. It's good, but it doesn't blend really good with what you want to do, well, in this case it does blend better, but the problem is that it seems unfinished and you are just making a value distinction, not a color distinction under shades. The random colors on the background seems unplanned, you have a repetition on blue, only color you have two times and the directions are a mess, this is some what important as you are placing geometric figures with no white space (even so there is a white space between the red and white), because when you see the images, you'r eyes tend to be drawn by a line made by the pink and the green, and every other color pattern you did seems lost, as you get out of the painting as fast as you entered, so you are not holding attention nor guiding the viewer through more than 5% of what you have placed, and this is even more contrasted (as a prove of not being designed previously) as you placed shades on each color in some what random patter, which only improve the road you made between the pink and green blocks, as you enter through the white pink, you go to a stronger pink, you enter to green, and you get out through the whiter green, it makes more obvious this road, which is also framed by the dark blue (you place the blue shadow framing the white light on the pink) and a same direction between the light of the green and the light with the orange block (those 2 reaffirm the direction the eyes are going). I could speak more about this kind of patterns, but right now I'm kinda tired and lazy, and I think this is enough information to work with.

Third image. I'm going to do in here an overall critic of what is going in general, because this one resume the same problems I have already spoken. First, there is a problem on design, on sit in front a piece of paper and do planing on how to approach the work, this step might solve many problems, as the type of coloring technique, color choice, color placing, character design and so on. Second, more control over measure, as I see, many "characters" are disproportionated, but not in a nice way (except picture 3, but this one is hold on my next point), where again, it show a problem on the concept of design. Third, work on the control over your lines, not just making them cleaner, but also manipulate them for the sake of your statement or the design choice you are making.

The End.

06-21-2012, 08:15 PM
Woah, lots of words. My head feels dizzy now O_O

Thanks anyway, I be sure to take your opinion into consideration when I want to draw again soon.

06-21-2012, 08:20 PM
ya, opinion, take it in consideration.

07-05-2012, 03:57 PM
New Update: Tell me everything that is blantantly wrong with the two images below:



07-05-2012, 05:17 PM
The links are blatantly wrong. Upload to Imageshack, Photobucket, Imgur, DA, the MT gallery, or any other image hosting site, then copy the specific image URL put them in IMG tags.

Like so:
The ending of your link should be an image extension like .jpg or .png:

The actual pictures--the first one is actually a bit better. The perspective on the balloon is more in place; on the second one, the basket has no perspective on it. Also, I'd recommend checking out the size of the baskets (http://images.v2.reserve123.com/product/5359-3.jpg) compared to the balloons in real life. Have you ever seen one up close? Those things are enormous.

Onto the backgrounds. First of all, you're still drawing symbolically--you depict grass with the color green, water with blue, and sand/wheat fields(?) with yellow/orange. Secondly, water is reflective of whatever's above it. Why is your sky sunset orange and your water pure, daylight sky blue? Stuff should reflect, like so (http://walls.free.total-wallpapers.com/free-wallpapers/3135/Bow-River-and-Castle-Mountain-Alberta-Canada.jpg). Thirdly, you'd be hard-pressed to find a scene that looks this simple. Try adding some details into the scenery. For example, here's the simplest river and mountains I could find on Google (http://www.visitusa.com/westvirginia/images/bluestoneriverpic.jpg).

I'll leave someone else to comment on technique. I'm terrible at that.

07-05-2012, 05:22 PM
Yeah, I tried a different DA link. Thanks for the critique, I also thought the first one was better.