View Full Version : Suggestion for Contest Voting

06-19-2012, 03:51 PM
While the forum voting system works, it's slow. There's a voting period in which we can vote for multiple contestants in different brackets, and that's great, but I think I may have a faster way to do it.

Look to the gallery battles. In it, two drawings pop up and can be voted on. Once that's finished, two more drawings are subject to the same. I suggest an extension of this system built exclusively for contests. Said extension could be built to accept contest entries and pit them against each other for voting, never using a single pairing more than once. The entries' placements would be decided based on the number of wins.

The drawbacks to this would be a) a lot of Javascript for Rio to write and b) less intense, less personal contests.

The benefits: a) faster voting, b) less confusion, c) more time for more contests, d) entries won't be eliminated too quickly after coming up against powerful contenders from the beginning, and e) less work in the long run for contest holders.

06-19-2012, 03:58 PM
Yes, here we got it! a smart contest thinking member! Love the idea Matt ;) Might have to hire another mod or something for it though. if Rio (Or the one coding for Rio if she do not do it herself) to code this for the contests only. But I leave that to the mods :P

It would surely fix a lot of the confusion.

To make it better, we can also get a contest chart up to show who wins of each round to make it a little easier to see. on the battle system now, you can never really see who wins each time. without looking at one specific picture and at the contest won tab. so it need a system to see who get most votes. It's not impossible, but would help with some fighting or racing game coding experience.

06-21-2012, 03:34 PM
The idea is good but I don't have time to code something like that. I'd rather work on making more tutorials and bringing out more content. Anyways I looked around quickly and I haven't seen a mod that does something like it so it will have to be made from scratch.

I'll keep this in mind but I'm rather busy working on backing up everything and preparing for the big change this coming August. :|