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05-27-2012, 12:42 AM
"Im weird."

I thought. Looking at the flourescent lamp on my battered wooden ceiling.

"Or maybe I'm normal and everyone's weird." I closed my eyes.
Sheesh. I cringed at the thought.

The rain's pretty heavy outside and I'm the only one home. Should I open the PC? Naaah. I rolled to the left of the bed. A pile of paper above my drawing table beside

my computer caught my attention. Then the basket full of crumpled paper under the table. I've been drawing for years but I haven't created a comic yet. Depressing. I

wished someones with me. Self pity. Hurts. but it felt good.

I rolled again, now to the right facing the closed window. Its dark.
What time is it? 10:30? 11? I dont know. I closed my eyes again.
"Maybe I'm playing an RPG for 18 years and everyone's NPCs to help me finish this game?" Another weird thought. -BAM!- a loud bang grabbed my attention. It came from

the direction of my door. I rolled again to check.

"Oh shit!" I said as I sat up from lying. Door unhinged, halved, trashed on the floor. The light of the moon illuminated the intruder's face. MAJINBOO.
"what the - " I froze at the shock. He stood there glaring at me for seconds. I cant move my feet. But I can move my hands. I dragged my self until I fell from my bed

landing on a pile of books beside my bed.
I looked at his direction again but he's not there anymore.
"where the fuck are you! Show your self!" I felt a gush of wind from my right cheek and there he is. "GAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" I cried in pain. His long slender blade drenched

in my blood.
"What the fuck do you want?" I whimpered. I tried to scream but nothing came out. Scared I tried to crawl. I cant feel my right hand. I didn't look at him but I know

he is trailing me. Laughing at his disabled prey. "GAAAAAAH!" he stabbed me again. this time from the back. but it didn't hurt like the first one. I don't care

anymore. I just wanna go out. My eyes focused on my door. I just wanna feel the light again. If I got out of this mess, I'll finish my comics. I'll do homeworks. I'll

feed the dogs. I'll return to my parent's home at the province. too much thought in my head. I didn't knew that i was crying.

About a feet more. I crawled for my life while the psycho's thundering laugh served as my background music.

A few inches more. "HAHAHA! I'm saved! too stupid of hiM..letting me live."
"HAHAHAHAHA. I'll definitely get back at him. He'll see. HAHAHA." just as i got my feet out of the door and saw the light of the cars from the streets. I looked back to catch a final gaze from my captor. As I turned my head I saw a silver light from a shiny metal figure in front of me its hole focused between my eyes. I looked up to see Kabuto's face with his wretched smile And just as I realized the situation, a blinding flash of red and lights came from the opening at the mouth of the long barrel-like figure he held in his hand aimed straight to my face. -BAM!- .A sound. Then a light.

the end.