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05-25-2012, 08:04 AM
I was wanting to ask when would be the best time for me to buy programs such as Photoshop or something which I can colour render my manga images. There is a link below to my critique thread if you want to see my progress.


Also if I was to start colour rendering what would be a good program to use taking into consideration i've had genuinely no experience apart whatsoever :L

Thanks in advance for any replies ^_^

05-25-2012, 04:14 PM
I love SAI.

It's less complicated than Photoshop and I think it's better for beginners.

05-25-2012, 04:26 PM
SAI is my favorite. then the GIMP fo the rest.

05-25-2012, 04:53 PM
I've been using GIMP. It's free, similar to Photoshop, and I find it easy to use.

05-25-2012, 05:54 PM
Ok :D I'll download that and try some rendering and post them up onto my thread, i'll also go look into SAI :) thanks for all the replies ^_^

05-25-2012, 08:58 PM
Yeah SAI is best . But also use photoshop also because it gives various brushes for making various effects that will come handy .

05-25-2012, 09:05 PM
I use photoshop because honestly it has the best tools. Sai was terrible now that I look back on it, I'm pretty glad I decided to give Photoshop another go.

05-25-2012, 09:13 PM
Nothing against Photoshop but the only problem is the £500* bill :L what is the price range for SAI?

05-25-2012, 11:09 PM
[I didn't purchase it]

05-25-2012, 11:35 PM
I've been using Photoshop since I was seven years old. I tried to use SAI and it was awful. /shrug
Just my opinion, though. XD

05-26-2012, 06:10 AM
[I didn't purchase it]

Hehe :L

@Celestial-Fox - I've never used SAI, Photoshop I've used a couple of times but I'm terrible at it :L

05-26-2012, 08:26 AM
you should try gimp first, I used to use it before switching over to photoshop. Its pretty good and easy to use. Its a good program to begin with. Once you get better, then you can move to photoshop C:

05-26-2012, 07:22 PM
^ Okay I downloaded it yesterday but haven't had a chance to use it yet, I'll probably sketch some stuff and mess about with it then :)

05-27-2012, 10:14 PM
Also, those of you thinking that you can't get custom brushes on SAI, you actually can. And they're awesome brushes.
Heres a pack thats very nice:

Also, the coloring feels so much more natural, and you can blend colors alot easier than photoshop. It's actually more like Corel Painter, if anything. It's just a great program, and the linework can look fanastic. But if you do go ahead with buying it, it's good that you have gimp. SAI is quite minimalist, and GIMP will be cool for adding effects/editing and stuff.